Friday, December 04, 2009

A Prima-donna Morning

Today should have been a Monday as hectic as it was. Started out smooth until it came time to get the midget ready for Pre-K. See, I had an appointment at the middle school to help out the twins during a cooking class and being late was not in the cards.

But sometimes being late is Nia's middle name.

Everything worked out fine till it came time to get dressed. Silly Mommy thought Nia would like to dress like a warm princess (since Antarctica decided to pay us a visit this week!), with her pink ballet tu-tu skirt. Nia wasn't having anything to do with it. Instead, she decided it was a day to drag every stitch of clothing out of her drawers, AND what was still in the laundry basket that I didn't finish Monday (or Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday).

We're suppose to be at her school at 9 a.m.,; I'm suppose to be in the twins class at 9:20; it is now 8:55! Why does Nia pick this morning to be such a prima-donna procrastinator?

"I'm late, I'm late.... for a very important date!", I'm singing with my imaginary bunny ears on while hopping around after Nia.

By 9:10, Nia finally decides on her attire which is a combination of both summer and winter couture blended into one big Bohemian mess. Who cares, I GOTTA GO!

All is well until she suddenly decides that ALL the apples and oranges I just bought a the grocery store need to go to school cause they "Don't have any fruit there!", she whines.

No amount of parental firmness is talking her out of taking the fruit. She decides a sit in is in order and she's not budging.

It's now 9:15 and I'm through discussing this with her anymore. I have to go; therefore, I dump the whole kit-n-kaboodle in a paper bag, along with the red heart plate she HAS to display them on and manage to get in the car with her bottom lip still puckered out and her feet, her lunchbox, and her neaopolitan-colored sweater dragging behind her.

She's finally at Pre-K and I'm exceeding the speed limit in a most hazardous way in order to make it to the twins classroom before it's over and I meet them instead, heading for the lunch line. Which will produce a week long sulking/guilt trip on how I am a terrible, neglectful parent to them. Must avoid this at ALL cost cause it's the holidays and I don't have time for sulking, guilt producing twins!

By the time I arrive, marshmallows are already melting on the stove for the Rice Krispy treats they are making. I had no clue what they were cooking up today so I'm letting out a little gag at the thought of fake marshmallows and Rice Krispy's that the twins are going to devour just prior to their lunch. Nadia, of course, has to give me the "You're Late Mom!", look, which makes me realize that she's gonna have a word about this with me later when she gets home from school.

It's the holidays so I'll get over it and join in.

I have no idea why I'm assisting a bunch of kids who already cook like they make this stuff on a daily basis (open mouth - insert finger - gag!). I'm basically the stupid parent standing around doing nothing but acting like I'm doing something, like throwing butter wrappers and paper towels away before they hit the floor and the school gets sued for some kid stepping on one and sliding their way into a prepping table.

Okay, so I am of some use afterall. I'm wondering if some of Nia's prima-donna personality has permeated me somehow.

Did I dare mention that I'm doing all of this in a classroom of very loud 6th graders while sporting a migraine?

Thank you GOD for medication; which doesn't make me feel as much fuzzy as it instead puts me in one of those "I Feel Pretty/Happy", moods. In other words, everything is wonderful; even if one of the stoves exploded from overflowing, chemically-laden marshmallows hitting one of the burners. I don't care! I'm painfree and feeling foo-foo as one of the kids overcooks the butter till it turns brown and leaves the kitchen with that sickly burnt butter smell.

The teacher wanted me to stay for the next class and help out, but I opted to sneak out the back door cause I know the medication isn't going to last that long. I do not need a migraine and more of that burnt butter smell at the same time. My thoughts are on all that laundry I still have to fold; especially the PE shirt that Nadia has to have NOW because she thinks she's going to fail 6th grade if she misses wearing it for one day during gym class.

Neurosis runs rampant in my family.

I am SO looking forward to her teenage years! NOT!!! I'll need more medication then.

I'm now sitting at home looking at two laundry baskets full of laundry, it's cold, and I need another cup of coffee. After the twins cooking class, I feel kinda inspired to make truffles and OD on them this morning. That leads my thoughts wandering to Christmas again.

You know, on a day like today, I think it's best served if I go dig out the Christmas decorations instead. If anyone hasn't heard from me in a few days, you'll find me under a multitude of plastic-filled crates that contain holiday garland and a tacky Santa Claus from Tuesday Morning.

Just listen for the "Deck The Halls" tune, dig me out, and revive me with a creamy chocolate truffle.

Just promise me you won't feed me any of the leftover Rice Krispy treats the twins made today.


Tara R. said...

Your morning definitely sounds like it was made for medication. I'd take truffles over marshmallow squares any day too.


If the Rice Krispy treats had had ganache poured over the, I might have been able to stomach them a bit better, LOL!

kat said...

Good one on Tales From The Trenches of Parenting - it helps a lot!

We clearly share similar parenting experiences and views.
I've been reading one that I'm hooked on -
I have a feeling you'd get a lot out of it.

Incredible job on your blog; keep it up.