Thursday, November 19, 2009

AT&T and iPhone - A Divorce That Needs to Happen NOW!

Dear AT & T,

(actually, there is NOTHING "Dear" with the way I feel about this letter),

Though I am totally in love with my iPhone and have been since they day it arrived on my birthday exactly 2 years ago, because of your consistent and unreliable service, it and I are about to part ways.

For months I have overlooked the voicemails that arrived sometimes 2 days after they were left. I grumbled in annoyance in the many calls that would be dropped 2 or 3 times before I could actually get through and talk to whomever I was calling. I even managed to grit my teeth through the many phone calls that seem to be coming in (especially from my daughter's friends and the hubs as he drove hours to get to and from work), but didn't get through because of your inept network capabilities since taking on the iPhone.

I tried re-booting, reseting my network, fixing the Wi-Fi (which is also unreliable at this writing), and troubleshooting everything. Nada! I had been pretty patient over the past fews months waiting for you to fix the issues on your side.

All that changed last night when I was faced with an emergency with my son. See, my son fell and hit his head so hard that he was left unconscious for nearly 5 minutes. He had a cell phone with him, which by the way, is NOT on an AT&T network, and I was called ten times but the calls never came through on YOUR network.

Since I've been accustomed to this aggravating issue of calls not getting through, I frequently have to check the phone to see if anyone has called. All this was happening during my trip to pick my daughter up from choir. Upon my arrival I checked to see if there were any calls first. There sat the ten calls that never got through to me in my son's time of emergency and need. I called home where the hubs promptly told me what had happened to my son.

Because of your lack of service to my iPhone, my son laid on the ground surrounded by his friends, a stranger who happened to be a nurse, but his mother could not be reached in order to be by his side and comfort him through an event which I know scared the 12 year old to death. It was his friend's grandfather that finally brought my son home to me. That's what your "innovative" company gave me yesterday evening.

When I got home, there sat my son, whom could not get in touch with me because of your crappy service, dazed and confused on my sofa and in a great deal of pain. After noticing his pupils were not dilating properly, he was promptly rushed to the ER where he underwent a battery of tests and was later diagnosed with a severe concussion.

I laugh in disgust at your commercials proclaiming reliable and accurate services more so than ever. Since Steve Jobs went to bed with you 2 years ago over the iPhone deal, it has been a marriage made in hell ever since. Your words of "constantly seeking out ways to improve its performance and reduce costs", is a BIG stinking crock in my book.

I never signed up with AT&T originally. Since you merged with CellularOne just over 2 years ago, my service has gone downhill and my bills have skyrocketed to where my last bill sat at $500 when I normally paid just over $80 when under CellularOne.

When iPhone was introduced, I blindly followed the masses to stay by your side because I'm a greater lover and believer in Apple's products and services. But since you were given sole ownership over carrier's rights with the iPhone, it has been nothing but misery since. I own one of the most expensive phone's in the world and I can't even make and receive phone calls with anything close to accuracy because of your "networking" abilities.

You claim on your website that your focus is on "Connecting people with their world, everywhere they live and work." You tell this same line to my son who was lying half paralyzed and in a concussion on a concrete ground needing his mother who could not be contacted.

"You Lie!". AT&T! Because of it, I am now turning to some other carrier who can at least get my phone calls through in case another emergency arises and my children need me in the process; like when they are sick at school and the nurse can make one phone call to me instead of 5! Hey, I hear Wal-Mart has super deals at $45 a month for unlimited calls and texting. That should make you sweat in you boots a bit. For once, I like Wal-Mart now! At least THEY didn't leave my son without his mother at his side in an emergency!

Please, don't go blaming Apple and my iPhone for my missed calls. The phone has been checked several times and it works just fine. The issue is your company and it's widely known inability to keep up with system(s) that run iPhone. I read not too long ago that you "blamed" iPhone users for all these inconsistencies because they wanted to use all the features that iPhone was built to do.


You are such a lame an incompetent company that it's only by the grace of the politicians that you paid off in Washington that you're still even a half-functioning company. Haven't you been historically the biggest donor to Congressional campaigns of any company? Maybe if you would take some of that money and upgrade your services, you might not have to complain that you don't have the funds available to handle iPhone users demands.

If my son had died on that concrete, would that have been enough for you to find the money so that people COULD contact one another in an emergency even if they had to use their iPhone to do it?

Until Steve Jobs and Apple end the exclusive carrier contract with AT&T, my iPhone is going to be used just for iTunes and Apps, and a more reliable, less expensive company will be my phone service of choice. Hell, Magic Jack would be better at this point than using the "services" of AT&T!

I would say "Shame on you AT&T", but in the long run, I realistic know that you neither care about this situation nor any other's, just as long as you can squeeze every last available cent out of a customer like Mr. Krabs from SpongeBob Squarepants. Problem is, Mr. Krabs has far more integrity and honesty in just one of his claws than your whole company does.

I would say good luck with your systems updates, but truth is, I hope your company is someday picked apart piece by piece by the rest of the vultures standing by waiting to watch you die so they can actually offer a service that you so sorely lack at this time and date.

Meanwhile, I'll be waiting for a phone call that actually gets through this time.