Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tropical Storm Ida - Another Dud Hits the Gulf Coast

After the storm that "wasn't", I hit the beaches this morning with a little photog time with me, my family in tow, and the man I married's camera; a Canon SX10 IS PowerShot. For a beginning photographer like myself, it's a great camera to use on the fly; easy too!

Is Canon endorsing/paying me big bucks to spin a little commentary on their product?

Oh Hell No!

But, if they ever feel the need to knock on my email door and ask if I'll plug a little diddy for them, name your price baby!

Anyway, here's a few shots of the beach entrance into Ft. Pickens since we couldn't actually get in to Ft. Pickens because the road that was just repaired and opened back up a few months ago, is now covered with a thick layer of sand and surf. It's been closed since Ivan hit back in 2004 and it looks like it's gonna be closed down for awhile again.

Then it was over to Pensacola Beach where CNN was bored of covering a storm that never really was and were in the process of packing up and leaving town when we got there. Those folks are not as exciting in person as you see them on TV. I guess they were tired of standing in the rain all night long covering a blah rain storm. ABC was there too, but I didn't see anyone so I assume they were all asleep in the van. Al Roker must have been in there snoozing too.

Maybe the folks at CNN should have thought to do the same before they showed up in public the morning after.

Oh, I threw in a few shots of the fam enjoying the beach as well. Nia is such a ham in front of the camera, and I swear I should put Toni into modeling after some of the shots I got of her.


BTW, please check out my neighbor and friends blog, Gulf Breeze Daily Photo, with some additional photo's of the aftermath of Tropical Storm DUD! She and her daughter sure have a great eye.