Saturday, August 07, 2010

Moving With Ease... kinda, sorta, in our own round about way

Well, we managed to make to our location here in Auburn, Ala-BAM-a safe and sound, and without mangling each other too much. Luckily, no duct tape was needed in order to maintain order with the younger kids; they seemed to handle everything with ease.

Dang! You should have seen Toni move the 20-shelf bookcase when we asked her.

Bawhahahahahaha!! Gotcha!

Our last day at our old house in Florida did not end without several "hiccups", of course. Somehow, "someone" managed to lose 5 hinges that were needed to hang the cabinets doors back up. That meant me going to Home Depot a half an hour before I was to leave in order to make it to the real estate office before they closed so I could pick up the keys to the house so we wouldn't be sleeping on the front lawn!

I was so exhausted at that point that I managed to buy the wrong hinges. That left the hubs going back to Home Depot about the time I was crossing the state line.

May I also mention that our cat, Chowder, got so freaked out about our moving that he bolted from the house at the precise time he was to be put in his cat carrier.

He's still there. I hear he's hanging with some white cat now as well. We have several neighbors watching out for him and feeding him until the hubs returns to get our belongings out of storage and bring him, and them, here so we can actually sit on something other than pillows when we eat, and possibly send Chowder to a cat therapist after all this.

I did want hardwood floors in our new house, right?

Oh, and the clencher is that all that meat and frozen stuff that the hubs just bought at the ultra-expensive Publix market, got LEFT in the freezer in our old house. The electricity was due to be shut on Friday and I was in a panic to get the twins to get their friends moms over there (since we had to leave the backdoor unlocked because Chowder figured how to get in the house via the fireplace damper), to get it out before it was spoiled. Luckily, our next door neighbors raided our fridge while we were gone, LOL!

Thanks again Christy! Bon Appetit!

I must admit after I said my goodbyes to my daughter's best friend, Emily, and her sister Margaret, I was in complete hysterics for an hour while driving Toni and Nia to Auburn. I really hated leaving my 4th daughter and her family behind. I could tell she didn't want us to leave because her second hug was a very long, very hard one. That is why we decided while on our second round of school shopping today, that we are intent and determined to convince Emily and her family to move here.

Get prepared Christy!!!

The house is great! The location perfect! We are 2-3 blocks from Toni and Nia's school, and Nadia and Julian.... well, they will be taking a bus or either getting up an hour early to walk it! See, there is only one middle school here and it's not next door like the rest.

I guess I'll be hearing those stories from the twins how they had to walk 30 whole minutes in the cold to school.

"Bawhahahahahaha" - I can hear my *depression-era* mother saying as she's rolling on the floor in hysterics.

I love the house - (didn't I say that already?); it's bigger, more space, hardwood floors, and a nice pool in the backyard that looks like it hasn't been cleaned in.... 6 months?

I can't complain though since I am writing this while overlooking my wooded, private backyard that has a wonderful workshed and huge greenhouse, which I plan to take full advantage of very soon. Just as soon as I send eviction notices to the wasps that are currently living in there.

You know what I'll be doing this week before I die of *whinitis* that the kids have contracted since they woke up Friday morning and wanted to go swimming in it. I can't tell what they've been going through since they have literally had NO TV, NO internet, and NO swimming source in...... 3 days.

Frankly, it's a good thing since they discovered what their imaginations were put there to do in the first place. EnterTAIN themselves!

Honestly, I thought I would dread the move back here since we left here to move to Gulf Breeze.

Long story, long, long, long, stupid story!

I have found that this is really a wonderful place that was taken totally for granted when we lived here. The kids are actually very happy to be back, and there is the most AWESOME organic health food store here that is HALF THE PRICE of Whole Foods.

I literally went in today after fighting the masses on the only tax-free shopping day Alabama had, and I kissed EarthFare's floor cause the place is SO stinking awesome!

CHRISTY!! You HAVE to see this place! You HAVE to move here just for the grocery store!

The move was good, the house is great, the amenities that have developed here in the two years since we've been gone are A++, and all-in-all, I can say it was a good decision to come back.

Even though all we have right now are our mattresses, clothes, and a few lounge chairs, plus the fridge full of yummies from Earthfare today; we are happy and excited about what lies ahead here.

Now excuse me while I got chase Toni and Nia down as they think it's a GOOD idea to throw diced peaches at one another.

Just to remind you if you don't already know, Auburn is the home of the Auburn Tigers football team. Just be prepared to hear about that too.

Go War Eagle!!


Tara R. said...

Glad to hear the move went well. Just cuz you're a whole state away now, doesn't mean you have to be a stranger. Stop by sometime... Good luck getting all settled in.


I plan on making trips back and forth between here and there since my daughters best friend lives there and she'll leave home early if don't!

Katherine said...

War Eagle! (Auburn grad) Loved living in Auburn & miss it greatly. Hope your family adjusts ok.