Friday, October 23, 2009

A Little Bit of Rambling on a Rainy Day

Let's see, what' happening in our life today? Well, we woke up to it raining cats, dogs, a few frogs with some ducks thrown in this morning. For some reason, the rain made it impossible for the bus drivers to run their routes because all my kids were left out in the rain as not a one of them showed up.

I made two early morning trips to the schools where both of them left so completely drenched from my dash from the garage to the car that I had to completely change my clothes after returning both times.

Nothing like squishy Ugg's. Well at least their washed!

I had to be extra quiet while opening drawers and making a quick change, cause the hubs didn't return home last night till about 2 in the morning, and he had had so much coffee on the way home that he never went to bed till about 4 a.m.

Boy, was HE a joy to see wake up this morning!

Then it was time to take the 4 year old midget to Pre-K. She was up at 6:30 this morning but thought it a better idea to wait till 15 minutes before leaving for school to get herself ready.

I do not ever recommend rushing a four year old to school on a rainy, dreary morning. It's kinda like a Monday, but it's on a Friday and it's all wet and mushy, and all she wants to do is mildew in front of the TV and watch Oswald which I swear is just a bunch of gay characters disguised as a kids cartoon.

Why else would a big blue octopus name their dog "Weinee"? But we can discuss that at a later date and I know I have supporters on this issue.

I get her to school and she's like giving me her 99 hugs before I go when suddenly I realize (and I feel like I repeating another one of my blog posts here):


This is not the first time she has gone into public forget to don her most important wardrobe accessory, but why did it have to be at school? I mean, grabbing a package of Ariel size 4 bikinis and slipping them on while hiding from the public in a clothes rack in Wal-Mart's is one thing, but to do this in front of your whole stinking class and the boy you just announced you're gonna marry (that story coming soon), is a completely different matter.

Once Nia realizes that I realize that SHE'S is a complete naked ninny under that skirt, she won't let me go. She keeps whispering "shh, shh, shh", in my ear as if THAT'S gonna make the whole issue go away. I'm not saying anything so why is she telling me to "shhhh!"?!

I keep whispering to her that no one knows except her and I; which is a complete lie because her teacher is standing on top of us and she has just given me the "Oh my gosh, your daughter isn't wearing any underwear under her skirt look", and I'm trying to shield my daughter from seeing that particular look on her teacher's face cause it's one of those where the nose contorts to meet the hairline, and it ain't pretty!

Quickly I look up and say "We'll be right back!" Nia and head quickly back to the car, get in, and back home. For some reason, her ability to walk has now been hampered by the fact that I know she isn't wearing underwear. The damn kid is walking as if someone just superglued her legs from the knees up. Kinda like a penguin gait in a pink and green polka dotted ensemble going on here.

Needless to say, we're getting all kinds of weird mommy looks on the way out as if my child has just broken out in a purple rash or something, and they don't want their children exposed. They walk towards us, look at me, look at Nia, then suddenly increase their distance and walk around us as oppose to by us.

I wonder what those stinking church ladies will have to say about this now!

After managing to get in the car, the whole way home she is reciting to me which one(s) of her underwear she would prefer me to pick out. Like I'm gonna choose. Hell no! I'm gonna grab the first pair I find in the laundry basket of clothes that are waiting at home for me to fold anyway. Hopefully it won't be the hubs cause THAT could be kinda even more embarrassing!

Luckily, it's Ariel again. She never argues about Ariel underwear, and if it was so doggone special for her to wear anyway then why weren't they planted on her butt this morning before we went to school?

Then I grabbed her extra change of clothes for school that were SUPPOSE to be there anyway, but Nia brought them back home thinking they WEREN'T suppose to be there anyway.

Back to school with her we go, and after a quick kiss good-bye, you would have never known anything had happened cause she was off skipping to her Benjamin - the boy she's suppose to be marrying.

So it's just another normal day around here as the sun finally peeks out from behind the clouds in order to dry the small rivers near my driveway.

Now, would you like to come over, have a cup of coffee and help me clean up the WHOLE bottle of silver glitter Nia just happen to pour all over her bedroom AND the hallway just so it could be SPARKILY!?


Draft Queen said...

My daughter went through a similar "commando" phase in kindergarten. Oh boy. I'm just glad it's over.

KaLynn said...

I soo feel for you!! You bring back memories of my kiddos childhood! =0)