Sunday, March 22, 2009

Family on Saturday...

So I spent the weekend dividing my time between seeing family I haven't seen in 7 or more years, and going to a local art festival. It was pure joy! But frankly, I don't know what the hell the kids ate this weekend because they all have the absolutely WORST case of gas they have ever had! It's like the fart-blossom special came rolling through my house. The twins are actually making music from their butts right now! GROOOOSS! Kurt has spent most of the evening now doling out anti-stinky herbs to them and I have opened every possible window.

Aaaaanyway...... back to the first part of my weekend.

Aunt Edna, Uncle Gene, my brother Bob, Julian and me.

My extended family and I were loud and obnoxious just like the good ole days. We covered every topic imaginable (yes politics AND religion without killing one another). We may be a little country, but we are still civilized (can't say that for Congress these days!).

It made me realize how much I miss having them in my life regularly; they live in North Carolina, and I in Florida. But, we have a family reunion coming up in June that I know I just can't miss now. Even though miles and many years have separated us, they are a family you know will be there for you no matter what. And that's pretty hard to come by these days unless all of you are on anti-depressants, and in that case you just get together to share each others prescriptions and bad cream pies!

Aunt Randy and Uncle Mike
They just bought a RV and I'm hoping I'm on their favorites list, hee, hee!

You know it's been a successful visit when the kids ask if they can't meet more of the same sometime soon (Toni actually wanted to go home with my Aunt Edna and Uncle Gene, and that took some talking her out of for a while), and the husband doesn't complain about anyone on the way home; he just wishes he had people like that to communicate regularly with.

Aunt Edna just wrote me an email telling me that they finally got back home in North Carolina. They must have been as exhausted as we are cause they took a wrong turn and went about 3 hours in the WRONG direction! I guess somewhere in their heads they just weren't ready for their road trip to be over. They wanted to extend it in some of the weirdest parts of the South! It didn't help that the only place "decent" they found on that wrong road to eat at served them coffee that tasted like burnt bark and water.

My reply to her is:

Dear Aunt Edna,

First of all - get a GPS! It's the 21st Century Man!

Next, never, never, never, never, never get lost on back roads in Alabama without one of Uncle Gene's hunting rifles!

And if you can't find a Starbucks or McDonalds' - DON'T DRINK THE COFFEE, much less eat there!

PS - Glad you made it home safe and with your sanity intact.


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