Sunday, March 22, 2009

2009 ArtFest in Fairhope, Alabama on Sunday....

God I'm tired

Next, we decided to really wear the kids out by getting up early and going over to Fairhope, Alabama for their ArtFest. It's one of the top 100 art festivals in the country. Frankly, there is never a reason not to visit Fairhope in my humble opinion. It's one of the last few vestiges in small town living. The energy there oozes with such a creative spirit that my children instantly changed from cranky tired to a vibrant and giggly brood in the back of our van the moment the city limits sign is passed. Nadia went into a new "valley girl" character that I had never heard of before.

"Oooh, MAH GOOOD - it's like a totally narly parking spot daaad!", she blares out.

"Let's like park IN the water, so like no one will park near our car daaaad! Like we could just park at the top of the hill and like watch the car roll, and it would like just SPLASH and we would like be paaahhked dad and like no one can tow it away. Like don't you think that's a totally cool idea?" she humorously rambles.

Kurt is laughing so hard that he is just about to drive over that cliff and I have to yell him back to reality and make him stop staring at Nadia in the rear view mirror and start looking at the damn road - CAUSE IT'S A LITTLE ROAD! At least he doesn't have to pee like a Russian race horse afterwards cause we have a long freaking hike to the festival.

Anyway, WE'RE PARKED already and here are a few shots Nadia and I took at the fest. Now some of the art is what I thought was original and not "cookie cutter" art. You know, it's like the same stuff you see at every - single - art - show, that it makes you feel like most of these art festivals are like scenes from the movie Groundhog Day; they repeat over and over and over and....?

Most of the artists were pretty cool about my taking pics and putting them up here, but I must say that one lady was pretty snotty about the issue. I explained the whole long-winded vooden to the lady, like how I would take her business card and make sure credit would be put by her picture, and yada, yada, yada, yada!

She looks at me from a half groggy-assed cat nap and says "Noooooo - I don't THINK so."

SO! SHE"S not in this - BLAH! Even though she had really cool tribal masks made of colored glass that had been melted in a kiln. Never seen anything like it - and we won't see it here either! Bi-otch!

But here some pics of our day at the 2009 ArtFest in Fairhope, Alabama. I would have added more if Nadia hadn't put her damn thumb over the lense in half of them, or cut half the picture in two. Must have been the heat getting to her; or the fact that her dad refused to let her buy a snow cone (????) It was not a great day to get her started on photography lessons. I couldn't get any pictures of her because she spent most of the day sulking cause she didn't get that damn snow cone!

Okay, let's just get the basic entertainment segment out of the way. We always have the ballet dancers, and always will.

Nia politely named the head dancer "Parolina".

Now where the hell she got that name God only knows cause I have yet to see it in any Disney film.

And of course there is food, and more food,

and yet more food.....

But this is what my husbands thinks will feed a family of six!

No wonder Nadia is pissed off about the snow cones!

Toni is completely mesmerized by watching various artists at work. We had to sit a spell while she watched this guy.


This is art for that avid hunter in your family. Oh Uncle Geeeene!

This was some pretty cool stuff by a woman who designs come from her dreams. If you are interested in her stuff, or anyone elses's, just click on the image from here on down, and it will go right to their website.

Here is another artist doing something quite a bit different. These are drawings on scrap pieces of tin roof. Very simple and very raw. It speaks a thousand words without every making a sound.

Julian gets tired........

I put the boy to work. Well, at least Toni liked it!


Nia decides to have a meltdown because she can't walk around without shoes on!

NO, I am not on medication, I just did it with the iPhone somehow.
Though at this point I wish a had a glass of wine!

REALLY cool stuff this lady had!

This was a wonderful way of using old architecture and combining it with art and dried flowers. This is definitely the NEW country look.

I felt at this moment my feet needed to be in the art show

Though they didn't win any awards today, I still love my new shoes!

And just when you thought you couldn't find anything else to do with that antique silver you own.

These were a few metalworks designs that I really liked. These were some of the pics that Nadia stuck her thumb through, so please go check out their websites for more info.

AAAND.... (think of the movie

And, of course the picture that Julian had to take because he is always thinking of his mom....

So there you have it - our big day at the festival. Next week I have the County Fair on my calendar. Oh that will be a hoot'n nanny (I actually heard that word this weekend!). If I live through the kids Spring Break this week, then I'll get back to you on the fair.

It is now time for me to collapse in a looooong coma now.

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