Friday, December 03, 2010

Warm Toes - Cool Stuff! - Happy Wallet

Who is freaking cold so far? I don't know about you, but I have real issues with certain body parts when the temp dips below..... say..... 60 degrees. This is why I have Ugg boots - I even wear them in the summer, which has elicit some very odd looks from passerby's.

Sometimes, wearing my Ugg's are near to impossible since my now-teen twins think it's a good idea to sneak them from my closet and tote their warm toesies to school in. This leads me to stuffing a furnace in my shoes when that happens.

Not an easy task to do when trying to play work on the computer.

And do you know how hard it is too stuff a furnace in your shoes???

And what about those exhausting brisk walks every week to pick up the girls from school. It rivals those stories your grandma (or mom) have told you about growing up in the depression.

"I walked two long miles in the snow with shoes that had holes in the bottoms."

Well I walked two long miles today to pick up the girls and feet were freaking freezing when I got home cause the twins Had... MY.... UGGS!

New Uggs are NOT in the budget this year and as usual, I let my fingertips do the walking on the net and came upon JUST the coolest idea!

No, they are not Snuggies for your feet. Who wears a bathrobe on your feet - GHAAA!?

Well, this actually turned into more than just foot warmers, but I'll get to that in a minute.

It's these pads that you put in any shoe for your toes and/or your feet - in my case, both - and they are like the most awesome warmers for toes AND feet! You can even wear these things to bed and instead of my "other half" constantly complaining:

"Your feet aahh SOO cold!

Why don't you wrap the cat around them already?


"If I wanted to sleep with ice in the bed, I would have slept with the refrigerator already!

What are you, an Eskimo Pie?"

The best part is that for only 75 Cents for the Foot Warm-Ups, I can afford to let the twins "borrow" the Uggs any time they want because my feet are gonna be warmer! I'm getting the hubs the Insole Foot Warmer since he does a lot of running and the weather gets kinda of chilly at 5 a.m., around here and it's a great way for his feet to stay warm outdoors.

Did I mention, these are great stocking stuffers because for $27.95, you can have enough for 40 people! People like that hunter in your family, or the farmer, or the jogger that likes running in 20 degree weather, or for those like me who just loath cold toes when catching the latest episode of Dexter.

Which is how this kinda turn into something more than finding foot warmers? Somehow this whole thing turned into an impromptu online Christmas shopping expedition for items I could keep in my small budget this year.

I am in the process of getting my family to the ski slopes this winter. I mean, moi' learned to ski at Snowmass in Aspen, Colorado, so I feel the kids and the hubs need to follow somewhat in my footsteps.

Of course, every ski trip starts with assembling ones fashion accessories because one must look good when one is crashing into trees, right? Plus my older brother has learned snowboarding very well I need something in this department as a gift - as well as warmers for his toes.

I found and this site has some of the coolest stuff for on and off the slopes that I've seen in a long time. Plus I loved the really cool pics that made me feel like a ski pro in the making just being on the site, LOL! It's just one of those sites that make you want to keep poking around some more to see what unfolds.

Be sure to click on the "The Stash". Have some fun with THAT!

There is all these super cool things to see and learn on They have a "Learn To Ride" program that help you from start to finish (including fashion accessorizing), learn how to snowboard with without being picked up by the Fashion Police or carried out by the Crash Police. They have their own Burton Snowboarding Academy! Now that's cool... uh... no pun intended there.

They also have a $1000 Wish List Give Away happening right now! I'm there - it's happening!

There is a lot of great apparel and gear for every finicky person in my family (Nadia!), plus the prices were pretty darn impressive as well. The Looks Books helps you check out how and what the experts are wearing and using so you know what to pick for yourself or that constantly tumbler in your clan.

I found myself bowing before my monitor to Shaun White. Maybe with this stuff I'll be able to pull off a James Brown on a board!

Ok, I'm fantasizing again.

Nothing like a family of Blingers on the slopes though - Bawhahahaha!!

Did I mention that the Insole Foot Warmer goes great in those ski boots too?

So if you're still out doing some Christmas shopping (but of course you are), check out both AND for some great stuff that will definitely keep you in budget this year withOUT resorting to breaking your credit card out of that ice bucket you have stashed in the freezer.

After checking both these sites out, I've done some cost effective Christmas shopping and started my preparations for finally getting that family-O-mine on the slopes.

Sometimes multitasking is SO worth the effort!

Hang Ten Dude! Oh crap - that was surfing.

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Gondooo said...

Thanks for that girlie! Just what I need for the hubs' permanantly frozen feet, wouldn't mind a pair for me and Calum as well! :D