Friday, November 12, 2010

I'll Take a Can of Whipped Cream With That, Please!

There is nothing more disturbing than having your morning coffee ruined. I woke up this morning, pour myself a cup of "wake up and deal with the freaking kids", only to find after a few sips..... it tasted rather odd.

Apparently, my oldest daughter made tea for herself, which in turn, the hubs used the same water to pour in the French press. Only problem with it was, my daughter left multiple tea bags in the water and that water ended up in the coffee as it was brewing.

May I tell you that you will never find that concoction on a Starbucks menu.... trust me!

Grant it it was English Breakfast tea, but English Breakfast and French Roast do not mix. That is why the French helped us win the American Revolution and we dumped the English tea in the Boston Harbor. End of story!

Many things going on around here.... notice my long silence since last post.


I do ask your prayers for my Aunt Mary as my Uncle Vic passed away on the 8th due to lung cancer. The only saving grace (if one can call it that at this time), is that he didn't have to suffer a long and painful process with this disease. He left us shortly after he was diagnosed. It doesn't make it any better on his wife and my cousins though. They still lost a dedicated father and husband; and no one should have to go through that.

He will be taken from Tennessee to North Carolina this weekend to lie in rest next to my cousin, his step-daughter, who died two years ago herself. My Aunt has had a lot of grief in her life these past few years upon losing her daughter first, and now her husband of many, many years. She is sick from battling pneumonia herself, which she contracted shortly after my Uncle was diagnosed.

Even though my Aunt Mary is one of the strongest people I know, she needs a lot of prayers sent her way. This I humble ask from you, for her.


Here's a twist for you: I'm getting into the cosmetic industry. Can't give all the details yet because I don't want to "jinx" what's already in the works, but it involves working with a company out of Paris - Oui', Oui' - and I couldn't be more excited. So far everything is working smoothly, there are just some tiny details to work out. I will tell you one thing, nobody in the U.S., has what I'm getting..... nobody!

And it took me a long damn time to find them! Viva La France!


So I've made it through three birthdays in October, and Halloween, and I still have my mental faculties still intact. Now I've got to get through my birthday, Thanksgiving, the total and complete chaos of Christmas and New Years, and then I plan on passing out cold on January 2nd, for a week; just as I always have for the past five years.

What I haven't expected is endless amount of "illnesses" we've been plagued with this season. We ALL got the ear infection that wouldn't go away. Have you E..VER contracted an ear infection for two months AND counting? Well.... we have.

We thought it was swimmer's ear since the hubs thought it a good idea to "skimp" on the amount of chemicals needed to shock the pool in the name of saving money. Talk about Karma kicking you in the arss. He, Julian, Toni, and Nia all came down with the same ear infection that no amount of the four different swimmer's ear products could get rid of.

Then I switched to the prescribed ear drops that my own ENT gave me during one of my visits to him. THAT didn't work.

Then I did a home remedy of rubbing alcohol mixed with white distilled vinegar. Worked for a couple of days, then all came roaring back.

Then we were taking something like 9 thousand assorted herbs to control the infection and keep it from getting worse.

Oh, did I mention that I finally got the infection a week and a half after they did? Only problem was..... I never went into the pool during said "lack of pool shock" moment.

Did I also mention that this was the FIRST ear infection that the hubs has e...VER had in his life? Or that his had the absolute WORSE case of "smelly shoe" drainage I have ever had the displeasure of getting my nose in the vicinity of. Now we know a second use for those massive bottles of aromatherapy we having hanging around here. If you ever have "smelly ear" syndrome, grab that bottle of aromatherapy oils you were given as a present sometime in the past 10 years and had NO clue what to do with. Trust me when I say that it will knock that smell out of the park!

Did I also mention that this is the first ear infection that I've ever seen that lasted more than a week? I'm a veteran of ear infections and surgeries since I was three. I's in these kinds o' matters. That's why I was consulting other doctor.... Dr. Mom, and she confirmed this for me.

After several trips to one stupid GP in the area who completely refused to culture it cause "HE KNEW" it was bacterial just by looking at it (dumb shit!), I packed them all off to my own ENT, but only after I had to wait nearly 3 weeks just to get in!

By the time we got to that ENT appointment, the infection had nearly burnt itself out by that time (after 2 months it should have!). All I cared about by then was that no one had any lasting damage from it. So far, I'm the only one still sporting this sucker. My ENT has put me on new medication, but we are all still in for a few more rounds of check ups to make sure we are ALL still able to hear one another yell at each other.

Just one of those little perks we big families completely rely on.... the ability to yell from one room to another and be heard in the process.

This sounds like it's the end of the story, but NooooOOOOOOoooooo! GET back in your seat and finish reading this!

Nia spent her little holiday yesterday sporting her own set of gigantic marble-sized lymph nodes along with a healthy fever and a side red side of...... Strep Throat! Yes, I'll find her a doctor for this afternoon. We know you don't mess around with Strep Throat these days.

Man... when it rains, it POURS at my house!

On a lighter side though..... through all this, I have found that hiding in a closet and ingesting mounds of whipped cream from a can (organic, of course), has become a new "fettish" of mine. It has joined me with my stash of dark chocolate in there. It is amazing to me what we mom's will do for a little "down time".

Ooh La LA! Il est magnifique!


Is Dis Normal or Dysfunctional? said...

whoa you definitely needed that White Russian didn't you? What happened to you? You left me and I had to drink that shot of tequila all by myself, not that it hasn't been done before!


I had a date with my oldest to watch all 3 of the Twilight movies. Then SHE passed out on ME, LOL! Then the hubs came home with great news about work, and... well.... the night just got crazier after that.

I worked on a couple White Russians, then switched to Pinot Nior, then realized...... what a STUPID move that was!

3 Percogesics later this morning, I'm back to normal... or Dis Normal - Bawhahahaha!!