Thursday, June 03, 2010

Shades of Summer

Sorry for my rather long hiatus; I've been completely engrossed in my nearly full-time schedule at school for the summer, dealing with 4 kids who are less-than-thrilled at my absence around the house these days, and a hubs who has had to take over some of my less-than-thrilling domestic goddess duties as well.

I need more medication for this!

But I thought I would share a couple of moments of summer (before all the oil hits here and ruins the ambiance!), that are simple, but priceless.

These are a couple of shots that my instructor managed to give back to me after much wrangling in the floor for them because he just happen to be grading them at the moment I wanted to bring them home.

I got a "A"

I'm suppose to be working on a self-portrait project right now. I was greatly disappointed to find out that I could NOT point the camera in the mirror and "shoot".

Damn! I ruined 3 rolls of film doing that!

Maybe I should just hand the camera over to the four year old and let her have her try at it.

My lips should look interesting at close up range!

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