Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's Spring Break Time Again! oh yipp-EE!

So, Spring Break is here and I was just wondering how everyone else is doing with their kids being out of school for a week. Raise your hand if you've had to ask for extra meds from your doctor!

Everybody goes to the beach for Spring Break, but us; because we already live at the beach, so we don't go anywhere! Cause we live at the beach! Well at least it saves money (noticing I am really trying to find the positive side of this).

So far, our Spring Break "adventure" has been kinda quiet if you don't count the major 2 hour temper tantrum Nia took two days ago when she found out that Nadia was giving her Rose Garden bed canopy to Toni to hang over her bed which gave it that "princess" look.

All hell broke loose!

Nia pulled every tantrum tactic out of her book, "A Child's Guide To Getting Your Point Across!": hitting, screaming, biting (oh yeah, she tried to bite everyone!), 10 million tears, throwing stuff, hitting, etc., blah, blah, blah.

Poor Nadia was trying to do something nice for Toni; Nia hit the roof - literally, and this left me sweating - literally - through the entire two hour screech-fest.

Luckily, Nadia can be a quick thinker at times. She pulled out an old umbrella she got at a Renaissance Festival a few years ago; draped some of her India-inspired fabric she had stashed as well, and WAA-LAA; hung that sucker over Nia's bed with the help of a little twine and ingenuity.

God I love that girl!

All was normal until Nia was told she couldn't have a cookie right before bedtime. Repeat scene above.....

Yesterday was "try-outs" at the local fair we are having. I thought it was the county fair till I realized it was a bit too small and no farm animals were involved. I so wanted to see those kids get involved in a pig chase. They would actually know what it was like in my shoes for once. Yes! Chasing my kids around the house is a bit like chasing wild pigs - greased ones at that!

Slippery little suckers when you're trying to catch them for chore time!

I cannot tell how sore and tired I was when we went to this "fair". I did a rather hard run/walk yesterday because I've been house-bound with sick urchins, and the fat cells had a "open house" party and now I painstakingly have to clear all the squatters out!

I could not move before we went to the fair. Percogesic to the rescue since it was the only available medication that was strong enough to numb me from the waist down. I figured four of them would do the job! Which they did, but left me with the odd side-affect of drooling, so when I talked - I spewed!

It was not only windy and cold, but I had managed to figure out how to make it rain on my kids as well.

We didn't stay very long as the hubs (I call him this because apparently his "boss" was offended that I called him sperm donor!), has a very strange loathing for such fairs. I sincerely believe his inner child is dead! Between four kids and myself, he only allowed $50 to spend. Doesn't sound bad except for the fact that the tickets were a dollar a piece, and each ride was between 3 and 4 tickets each!

At an average of 4 tickets per ride and 4 rides per kid - that's at least $64!

He didn't even account for a few $2-3 carnival games thrown in, OR food!

The ONLY smart one in the whole bunch was Nadia's best friend who went and bought an armband that gave her unlimited access to rides..... for $18!

After an hour of being there, the hubs was ready to go home! Nadia's best friend has purchased an unlimited access to rides and he expected HER to go home after being there an hour.


I left the twins at the fair along with Nadia's friend while I took the hubs, Toni, and Nia home. Quite frankly, Nia looked like she was about to go into her own coma two minutes after buckling her in. I'm wondering if she went on her own walk/run that day as well.

Since it was getting rather chilly, I decided I would bring the twins back their jackets. In other words, I made an excuse to hit the ATM for more moolah for the twins so they wouldn't have to just sit and watch their friend go round and round on a really cool ride while discussing how we are the worse parents ever to occupy the earth!

I have a rather fragile ego - this vision didn't sit well with me.

As usual, mom saves the day with a couple jackets and extra dinero for the twins, and staves off yet another tantrum. It also made things a lot better when I explained that we would be coming back on Thursday, sans the hubs, to have another go at the fair.

Thank goodness today has been rather quiet as each of relaxed in our own close corners of the house. Translation: we all crowded in the computer room to play games of our choice for the day. Luckily, I got some writing and research in as well.

The day went relatively unscathed until it was time to make dinner. As I was baking flour tortillas for my homemade Taco Salads, Nia decided to "sneak" into the kitchen. She must have passed me the opposite way to the kitchen as I was coming to check some "stuff" on the computer, because suddenly Nadia screamed out, I went running for the kitchen, and there I found:

  1. Nia naked as a jaybird with a can of PAM spray
  2. Nadia laying spread eagle, and half crumpled under one of the cabinets

You can already figure out what happened, but Oh Great Dumb One Here didn't grasp that Nia had sprayed almost the entire kitchen floor down with PAM spray until I stepped - barefoot of course - onto the kitchen floor and cleared the whole room in about 1/2 second flat. I mean I went sailing right by Nadia and Nia.

If I literally had had a sail, I would have continued on, right out the Bay windows of the kitchen, and quite possible to the other side of the backyard!

Dinner was delayed for about an hour as I used a combination of a steam mop and half a bottle of Greased Lightning on that kitchen floor. Nia thought it would be extra funny to unplug the steam mop when I wasn't looking, thus leaving me puzzled as to why my mop was no longer making hot steam anymore.

It was time to put her naked butt in a bath so that I could continue on in the dinner department before we were left eating a midnight snack!

Don't ask me how her 30 minute bath turned into a six-towel, 6 large towels, flooded bathroom cleanup!

Tomorrow I hope to reinstate my "cool mom" status as I take the kids back to the fair down the street and buy them the $18 all-you-can-ride-and-puke armbands, plus some extra money to mindlessly waste use for a few carnival games. I should really include Nadia's best friend as well since I truly believe her whole experience was kinda messed up as well.

Anyone wanna win a bunny from a ring toss cause we're gonna use the hubs head as the target!

I promise to take pics this time as I forgot to charge my camera last night. Since the hubs won't be there, I'll have plenty of time for some "cool mom" shots!

BTW, what do you feed a bunny?

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