Friday, March 26, 2010

Ford Flex Fridays - A New Mission Impossible... or IS it?

I'm on a mission this summer. I need a new car! I figured I could sell everything I own for a new car, sell the crappy 2001 Honda Odyssey and take whatever is left over and plunk it down on another "Best Selling" clunker, or..... I could get creative!

I'm one of those who are extremely desperate during these trying economic times. I am SO sure that celebrities like Ellen Degeneres are tired of seeing my name crop up on their car giveaways that when it does show up, it's an automatic "DELETE".

I actually Googled **New Car Giveaways** this morning in hopes of entering every single one of them and winning one of those suckers that can fit all my kids, me, and a future dog! There are like, a ba-zillion of them since the beginning of the year. I couldn't list them all according to Google's Timeline; therefore, I don't have time to spend 23 hours a day signing up for these things and having massive spam email show up as a result.

"NO! I do NOT need car parts for a 1980 AMC Pacer, Thank You Very Much!"

So I decided to think *Out Of The Box*. Which seems a far stretch for me, I know, but it does happen on a rare occasion when all the kids are in school and I'm on one of my Just Turned Spring, - 3 mile walks that clears my head of all the winter cobwebs and I realize that the sky IS STILL blue.

My goal here is to blog about all the Pros and Cons (if any that I can find), of the new Ford Flex. It is THAT car that God wrote the commandment "Thou Shalt Not Covet" for. I am coveting this sucker all over the interstate, highways, and bi-ways, and when a neighbor zooms by my house in one of them.

It IS the coolest crossover made yet with it's retro, yet clearly defined modern design (oh God, that sounded sooo like a stupid commercial, LOL)! Even Nia says "Ooooooh!" when one passes. It is a must have in my book and in my garage!

So every week on Fridays, I am declaring it FORD FLEX FRIDAY'S! On this day, you will read a post about a specific topic on the Ford Flex: it's design, reviews, reliability, performance, how happy it makes mommies and families (cause we know that IS the most important topic). It will include videos and, hopefully, a local dealership who will join me for "the ride"!

The ultimate goal: to appeal to the Ford Flex God(s) so that they will see my real need for this car, help me give my Honda Odyssey a proper burial (like burning it on the dealership lot as a sacrificial offering to them), and give me a..... uh..... FREE Ford Flex?

Is it an Mission Impossible task? Hell, I don't know, but one does have to try!

As a legal disclaimer, I must tell you that Ford™, and anyone else affiliated with them or their company(s), have no stinking clue that I'm doing this.

Therefore, I'm not getting paid to do diddly-squat!

This idea totally popped in my head this morning as I was on my walk, and thought,

"What could it hurt?"

If they don't give me one, well then.... you and I can laugh about another one of my intense obsessions and how I may have to wait till the Odyssey's automatic doors simply fall off while driving to the beach and I have to start an "I Hate Honda Odyssey" blog.

Let's just hope that Ford notices me and sees my need to stuff me, my four kids, and future dog, into one of their cars before that happens!

Be forewarned! There will be a petition you will be forced begged to sign as this process goes along. Please feel free to cheer me on, call me crazy, or offer any suggestions/comments toward the process or the car.

I may have just started a new revolution!



Anonymous said...

I got a Ford Flex in October 2009 thanks to a small inheritance. I could have spent the money on other essentials like MORTGAGE and stuff, but no ... when I saw it, I knew I NEEDED that car. And I was right. Apart from my 1986 SAAB turbo which I purchased during a mid-life crisis, this is the best vehicle I have ever owned. With 2 large dogs, several home renovations under way and a weekly long distance commute, this vehicle ROCKS!

No kidding.


I love you already!!

Mrs. Fish aka Two Fish said...

TOTALLY CHEERING YOU ON!! The hubs said he saw one all retro with the wood paneling to look like a Woody...I immediately thought that would so fit your persona when I saw the title to your post.

You totally deserve a new green machine woman...I hope you get one.