Friday, January 15, 2010

Why Is Compassion Like Finding A Needle In A Haystack?

Today we're gonna take it down a few notches to a more serious note.

Stop laughing.... I can do serious!

Yesterday, after a semi-heated debate on the topic that we are all talking about this week: Haiti, Pat Robertson, and Rush Limbaugh; I was left in gut wrenching sobs for a better part of two hours last night.

Yes... I do cry as well.

I made a comment on Facebook about how I thought Rush Limbaugh was a douche bag for the ill-timed comments regarding Haiti, the earthquake, and the Obama connection to it all.

All hell broke loose!

I'll share with you, the conversation that sparked my intense sobs by later that night; AND, let you be the judge in the process. Go ahead, give me all you got cause I've got my big girl panties on this morning, and I can deal with it!:

Names of parties have been altered to protect some of their silly and outrageous comments -
Plus, their identities.

Hope the color-coding doesn't completely screw the reading process up.

Carolyn: I know someone out there, somewhere, is gonna climb all over me for this one, but I gotta say it: Rush Limbaugh is officially a douche bag!

Facebook 1: sorry you feel that way, but he is on the right side of the issues. he might not say it the way you want him to but he is right. i tell you what try you can stream him on there. 8:30 am-1:00 pm eastern

Facebook 2 You have that right! He and Pat Robertson should be put to sleep :)

Facebook 1: WOW,want to talk about hate speech. i don't think i have ever heard rush talk about killing people. but on the other hand about killing and hurting people the hate filled liberal progressive democrat is the only one doing that. hey deb, here is a table want to lay down for a while. oh sorry maybe i did, wow.

Carolyn: It was completely irresponsible to say what he did during this time of severe suffering and devastation. This was NOT the time to air political BS when so many Haitians are laying under tons of rubble screaming for someone to hear them and dig them out. He could have saved his untimely rhetoric until after relief efforts had come and gone, and those people were taken care of. He's STILL a douche bag!

Facebook 1: well if you don't like what he says then don't listen. there are two nobs on the radio and either one will fix that problem. i have no idea what he said, like i said i listen to neal boortz. but he is still right on the political stuff. i have no idea what he said about the Haitian earthquake.

Carolyn: I don't listen, but instead was bombarded on the net and TV about it. You can check out the video here:

Carolyn: He's STILL a douche bag!

Facebook 1: well i agree with Rush. he didn't say anything wrong. he didn't say he wanted people to die. all he said was the truth. this man has the worst approval rating of any president, ever. worst than jimmy carter or anyone else you want to speak of. so no matter what Rush says you are going to jump. I will say it again, what he said is right. listen i don't agree with everything rush says but he is more right on these things than say franken, or oberman, or meddow or anyone else over there. he didn't say he wanted people to die, he just said that he wasn't going to let a disaster pass. point on.

Facebook 2: You make me laugh girlie:)

Carolyn: Where do you think he would have been if he had said this with Katrina happened? Where would have all the Katrina victims been if other radio/TV personalities in other countries had taken this same stance when dead bodies were floating down the flooded streets? It doesn't matter if one agrees with him or not - his timing sucked in a really BIG way. He couldn't have picked a more insensitive time to promote his opinions of this administration or how they were going to HELP, like any other responsible country would. He is STILL a douche bag!

Facebook 1: OK, lets get into Katrina. there are two things about that storm. first is that they know it was coming for over a week. everyone was told to leave. they were told how bad it was going to be. there is such a thing as consequences. i am sorry anyone died but they brought it on themselves. next, the reason it took 7 days to get federal help is because of the democrat governor and mayor. in this country, and the thing that presbo is trying to change, the states are in charge of their own land. they have to ask for help. it took them 7 days to ask. then it took a couple of days to get things going. it is the law. we are a country of laws, laws we have to go by.

Facebook 3: Put Rush In Line With Jessi,Al Sharp,And The Rest Of The Racist Pigs In America. And Do Exactly To Them What They Deserve. I Call It Operation IGNORE!

Facebook 1: ok, i don't mind the ignore. if you don't like what is said then change the channel. like i said i don't listen to rush, i like neal boortz.

Facebook 2: I'm still leaning toward putting them to sleep :)

Carolyn: Not talking about what people *should* have done when Katrina was coming; talking about being sensitive and compassionate for the plight of people who have had their whole communities and towns torn out from under them. Compassion and sensitivity to people who have died, or are dying, and dealing with that issue instead of taking the opportunity to jab at someone, or some group, because you don't like them or the way they do politics. With that said, Rush Limbaugh is STILL a douche bag!

Facebook 4: I agree, Carolyn. Regardless of any beliefs - political, racial, or otherwise - the bottom line is we are all here on this earth and at the very least should have compassion for our fellow men, women, and children. The views this man repeatedly expresses are windows into his soul. Living human beings who have a place in our world are suffering and literally clinging to life at this moment. I can’t understand actions or comments that some can do or make with no regard for these living and dying people. The words compassion and empathy have definite place.

Carolyn: I feel a "Douche Bag" Revolution coming on!

Facebook 2: I'm in!

Facebook 1: well lets do this again. I DO NOT WANT PEOPLE TO DIE. wow how many times do i have to say that. now Carolyn, lets read a book, but lets only start on chapter 5. but when you do that you miss what the book is all about. this is what Katrina's story is all about. if we start where you want to the storm is just a surprise. but it isn't and wasn't. we knew it was coming, they knew it was coming and they GOT what happen because they did nothing. period. lets say is another way. Carolyn, there is a bad man coming to your house in one hour and there is no phone. you can not call the police. but you can leave, you can flee. WHAT DO YOU DO? you leave. you go next door, you go to the authorities, you take proactive measures. if you don't then what happens, well sorry but i will take either fight or fight.
wow, really Facebook 4, where have i said i want those people to die. how ignorant you show your self. wow. you see liberals only read what they want. wow. wow. i believe in the people of the state of Iowa. last year they had record breaking floods, they had millions of acres under water, they had hundreds of thousands homeless. they didn't stand around and and loot from their neighbors, and rape their neighbors. they rolled up their sleeves and and went to work. a different state of mind. i have and you have donated $100 million to the people of Haiti. how much has cuba, hugo chavez, china and any other country donate. nothing as of now. and we don't have it. so before you go blowing off your mouth and windows on my soul know what is happening. wow, wow. unbelievable.

Carolyn: It's not about what happened BEFORE Katrina or the earthquake; it's about showing compassionate and sensitivity at a very devastating time then, and now. There will be a time and place for everyone to voice opinions, pro and con, over why/how it happened and how it was dealt with. But NO ONE should do that at this particular point in time. We are suppose to be of a higher consciousness than animals, but yet, some choose to act no better than a savage animal in order to jump on the bandwagon in order to take the opportunity to attack someone or something. Limbaugh did just this thing. If he has issues, he SHOULD have waited until the appropriate mourning/devastation period had passed, THEN blown his big fat mouth off. But he didn't; therefore, I see him as an arrogant and opportunistic bastard who sees, nor feels, anything except what his ratings and his pocketbook produce. Again, he is STILL a douche bag! Let the revolution begin!

Facebook 5: Ok, i missed the lead in to this. What's up?

Carolyn: Get yourself a cup of coffee, start at the beginning.

Facebook 1: man, how far off base you are. Rush was just responding to emanual saying that "we can not let a good tragedy pass us by". so who was the first to make the ill-timed remark. the obama gang. Rush was just responding to the statement. he never said that we should not help. he didn't say stop sending help. if your going to crucify him make sure it is for what he really said, and what is true.

Facebook 1: and Carolyn, funny you tell others to do that when you don't do that with the Katrina story.

Facebook 5: I did, and I listened to the Rush clip, and I'm sorry but I think this is much ado about virtually nothing. Sometimes I like Rush, sometimes I disagree with him, but he is an entertainer and says stuff that entertains or stirs up controversy. What he said was mre about Obama's mindset than the plight of the Haitians. I feel sorry for them. The next earth quake could hit the eastern, western, or middle US. How come all those idiots on TV weren't douche-bags when they were making fun of President Bush's effort? Bush was fighting aids and hunger and genoscide in Affrica and all he caught was a load of crap from the Liberals on TV and at NYT and the other mainstream media. It all depends on which side of what issue you are on. We are all douche-bags at one time or another. Even little ole me

Facebook 5: Oh by the way Facebook 2, I hope nobody decides to have you put to sleep. That would be sad. I'm terriby sorry you said that. It was terribly evil.

Carolyn: Anyone who makes irresponsible statement immediately following a tragedy like this, or Katrina, or the mid-west, etc., etc., are pretty much all douche bags until they wait until the appropriate time to do so. You are right Facebook 5, Limbaugh is just an entertainer and we must keep him in that light and nothing further. It's about ratings. He's wrong, anyone who does it is wrong. There is a time and place for everything - this was not the time for such comments. Facebook 2 is not being evil - just sarcastic - it's understandable given the situation. Limbaugh is still a douche bag.

Facebook 2: Oh Facebook 1 don't make me put you to sleep :)

Facebook 1: Carolyn, open your mind and say you, Carolyn, is wrong. he said nothing wrong. Facebook 2, will i feel refreshed in the morning?

Facebook 3: If Rush Opens His Mouth Hes Saying Something Wrong!

Now THIS is what sent me crying for two hours which started posting after the above posts ended:

Carolyn: WHO'S on a rant with me today?!!!

Facebook 1 (same person as above): how about me!

Facebook 2 (same as above as well): I'll join ya !

Carolyn: This is why I choose to write humor - cause this s*** drives me nuts sometimes. It's also the reason I only allow myself 1/2 of news a day - most of it corporate BS for the masses. Everyone is wrong, no one is right, no one can seem to come together and just be the decent human beings God originally created us to be. It seems easier to fight than to kiss and make up, easier to yell than hug, easier to condemn than to find unique qualities about one another we can celebrate. No one gets along, no one seem to want to get along, no one seems to care these days. People want change, yet no one has to yet to change themselves. My kids are growing in a world filled with hate and brutality. The truth of it is that I sit here with an empty fridge and cupboards because I am married to someone who refuses to work 5 days a week during an economic recession. I just had to feed the last of the leftovers in the fridge so the kids could have dinner. In reality, no one cares, it SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT to fight over whether a democrat or a republican is better or right than to see the freaking writing on the wall! If we DON'T take care of each other, WE ARE ALL going down the tubes together. So Rush, Robertson, and ALL the likes of them can either shut the freak up, or start helping out someone who DOESN'T have a billion dollar bank account! Now I think I'll find a quiet place to cry for a moment then I'll freaking get over it and finish fighting for my little family the best way I can because the rest of America could only care about it's stupid political issues instead of reality! That' my soapbox and you'll never hear me speak another of this situation again - so don't mention it back to me - it's my private issue right now and I'll take full responsibility for it thank you!

Facebook 6 (new person): Just remember that Rush, Hannity, Matthews and most of those on MSNBC, CNN NBC, CBS ABC and Fox news are not the news. They opin make your own decisions but stay informed. I say if we want to change the direction America is going in then we must change the way we vote. We need new faces and fresh ideas. Not the same ol I promise to do this if elected BS. Vote the mess out of office I say the whole bunch of them...the moral fiber of this country has gone to hell in a handbasket and people actually believe they are going to be the better for it. Until we put God back in schools and God back into our country we will continue to get worse and worse. Being it a republican, democrat or any other political affiliation, the same ol mess is going to keep going in the same ol direction...How bout that bridge to nowhere? i The main thing is to remember to rejoice for the coming of the Lord is at hand and the closer the better cos I'm not going to be here to share that change they believe in. Let it out girl let it out..this country is not like it was when we were growing up. The main thing is to teach our children right from wrong and instill God into their lives. He is the only way they are going to survive. If I stepped on any toes....I can not apologize for's the way I was raised and the way I truely believe..Carolyn its your post and you can delete and I would understand but I believe you believe what I ya Carolyn...I'd be on the road in a heartbeat if you need me...I promise...

Bob (my brother): Put yur hay-und on the monitor. Can ya feeeel it. Yay-us!

Nothing I can add to what you've said. Amen.

My Aunt: Politicians like diapers need to be changed often and for the same reason....Mark Twain

Facebook 5 (same as above): Carolyn, all those problems stem from one source: SIN. All the problems you describe come because man is morally corrupt without God. We have a totally depraved human nature. In reality, man only has one problem and that is the sin problem we got from Adam our universal father. Even those of us who are saved and know the unseachable grace of God still have that old sin nature within us which we must battle day by day. We lose sometimes and sin and need forgiveness. Most of the human race is lost and have not got the Holy Spirit to guide and help them. They go through life with one goal in mind: to please themselves.

It makes for a bad civilization. Man's inhumanity to man seems to rule the day.

The differences in politcal parties is such that one party tries to stand for one set of values while the other stands for a completely different set of values. On party wants to proect unborn children while the other party wants to allow unrestricted murder of the unborn. one side is evil and the other is virtuos in that respect. One party believes in the sanctity of marriage, while the other believes anything ges and can be called marriage no matter what the bible says about it. Once again, one side is more right than others. It's important to stand with the political party that stands for what is right. In most cases I believe the Republicans do a better job of that.

People are born selfish little savages and have to be taught to be civilized. Unfortunately, we have majority of parents who have failed in teaching their kids the golden rule and respect and even basic right from wrong. It's no wonder that they call this the ME generation.

We turn on a television and let it pump hour after hour of sewage into our homes for our kids to absorb and we wonder why they emulate the junk they see on the tube. We skip church and watch ball games or sleep in and wonder why they don't take God seriously. We teach them that a snail or an owl has to be saved no matter the cost, while we push abortion as a legitimate means of birth control. We allow the media to turn our heros into villans and our villans nto heros, and wonder why they act like gangsters.

We have run God out of our schools, our public events, our government, and most of our personal lives and yet we put stickers on our bumpers that say "God bless America". Why should he? Why should He at all?

No we will not see anything change and we will not come together as long as we depend on people to bring about this change. The Bible tells us what it will take: 2 Chron 7:14 "If my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways;then I will hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."

God is the only hope we have, and we are shutting Him out.

Facebook 2: Oh sis in law.....refer back to brother Bob's post... take a deep breath.

Facebook 7 (new person and beloved friend): ALL governments are corrupt. One of our founding fathers (Jefferson I believe) said something to the effect that for a successful country, a revolution must occur every 25yrs. I say we are well overdue.

This is how I ended it this morning:

Carolyn: Today, there will be no talk of Rush or Robertson. Today, I will manage to find something to feed the kids and make life go on. I will find something better about today that what yesterday was. Today, I will remain positive in world seem mostly grey; I will remain optimistic and loving and hopeful that we will see each other for the gifts we can give instead of what we can take from one another. Today there will be no talk of politics (which is usually my general rule cause it makes me go all freaky and say/do things I shouldn't - so don't provoke me again). Today, life is beautiful because God has given me another chance to try to get it right, work it out, and make it better. I will not cry, nor feel sorrowful, nor feel pity for myself - it never helped in the past - won't help now. I choose to laugh - love - and think the best of people. I will not grovel in the muck the the previous people I mentioned choose to take their directions in life. I prefer to take my lemons and make the BEST lemonade EVER!!

NOW, who's ready to make fun of the POPE cause somebody needs to design that man a NEW set of threads!

My question to all of you is:

Do we choose to show compassion and sensitivity to each other and our fellow man during tragedy, misfortune and strife...


Must we always be right?


Naomi de la Torre said...

Right or not, I still think RL is a douche bag.

Tara R. said...

I would agree with you, any self-serving, insensitive comments by pundits should be withheld until relief efforts can go in and help the affected. To do otherwise is adding insult to injury and just wrong on so many levels. For all these talking heads it's rhetoric and ratings. I didn't hear Limbaugh's statement, but having heard him before I can only imagine. Robertson needs to be taken off the airwaves permanently.

Cassie said...

I am always at my most compassionate when I'm right. :)


Cassie, I love you!

It's good to know that I wasn't so crazy getting all upset about this.

Limbaugh is STILL a douche bag, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Sooooo Truuuuuuuuuuuuue!DBIADBD.

Brenda said...

I am VERY impressed with the level of conversation you have on facebook! Puts me and my friends to shame.

It's also interesting how each of your friends showed a little bit of history: how people tend to deal with tragedy philosophically. As in, "the end is coming," or "put faith in God since we have no control," or humor or blaming.

Regardless of the content of the debate, I appreciate those who show compassion. It makes life a whole lot more lovelier.

And, therefore, I don't listen to talk radio. No compassion there.

I'm with you on a compassion movement, sister.


The support has been immense on this, and I have all of you to thank. As well as those on FB that generally agreed that Limbaugh, and the like, are all douche bags for being so insensitive and a critical time in a countries life.

My faith in humanity and the spirit of the common woman/man is being restored as a result.

Sara Elizabeth said...

First of all, Rush IS a douche bag!

Secondly, I have a freaing headache just from reading those replies.

The ones that piss me off the most are the ones who bring God into the picture. I am a woman of Faith, Christian Faith, and I don't agree with people throwing the God card around the way they do. It really, really upsets me. I call those kinds of people religious fanatics, and NO I will NOT be burning in hell for saying that (to anyone who is a religious fanatic and reads this).

Oy! I am so sorry you were attacked for simply saying a personal opinion about a man MANY, many people hate.