Sunday, October 18, 2009

I'm Implicating Myself in a Jailbreak!

I have wasted the better part/the whole day trying to jailbreak the hubs iPhone. I figure who else to try it out first, break it, and then learn from the mistakes made. At least my phone would still be working so that I could still receive the many important phone calls from my children's friends, teacher's complaining of missing homework assignments, the hubs frantic calls for directions because he both forgotten about the onboard GPS in the Odyssey or his own GPS on his own iPhone.

Maybe I should jailbreak/break my own iPhone instead.

I decided to use my old G4 PowerMac to download all the applications and software needed so that if anyone of them were written to completely blow up a computer upon opening, at least my current iMac would not be affected, or infected, and I could just shell out a few hundred to pop another hard drive in the "Old Betty" Mac.

Better safe than sorry I say.

But it's taking freaking forever because it has the old 2000 Intel processor in it and not the zippy-doo-daa-day dual core processor. I mean it is taking forever. What should have lasted about 15 minutes to build a IPSW file to load onto his 3G phone, has now taken about 2 hours. Either the computer is in a state of serious old age, or I have to stop and redo this whole process again.

So at the rate I'm going on this thing, I will be attending college graduation for my four year old before I get his phone jailbroken.

With all this trouble and so many people purposely/illegall unlocking and jailbreaking their iPhone's, you'd think that Apple would sit up and take notice that NO ONE likes the idea of AT&T cornering the market on being the only carrier for iPhone.

I don't know about anyone else lately, but my iPhone has been almost useless for the past few months as I am constantly getting dropped calls, or worse yet, not getting them at all! My voice mails arrive 1-2 days AFTER they've been left, and my phone bill has been elevating to the point that it almost rivaling my house payment each month.

Life is getting pretty crappy when it costs as much to talk on your phone as it does to live in your house!

I am now stuck in getting into DFU mode - which apparently means Deliberately Fostering an Ulcer, which is definitely what I am getting since starting this project at 9 a.m., this morning! It's taken two hours to "build" the IPSW file, and now will take the rest of the day to get into DFU mode, not to mention all the research that has gone into making sure I get this right.

After about a half an hour of pushing power AND home for 10 seconds, then releasing power and hold home for 10 seconds, AND doing it at the exact precise moment, I'm finally in! This took several, and I mean several tries to do this. I now have developed both a crick in my thumb and left shoulder from doing so.

I think at this point it would have been a lot easier and stress-free if I had just shelled out the $29.99 for software to do this with. But I'm saving money in this economically strapped society we now live in, so even THAT'S too much!

I am now waiting for the phone to restore from the new jailbroken firmware I downloaded this morning and that should take, well, who freaking knows at this point! All I want to know is if this iPhone is gonna still be working when the hubs gets back from his bike ride.

Yeah, that's right! He took the time to go out for a leisurely little ride on the bike and leave ME at home jailbreaking and potentially ruining a $700 piece of ear candy. But if I am successful, he will go take the kids out for a walk while I unlock the phone (the next step in this whole fun process), and by tonight I shall be a candidate for a pretty white straight jacket cause it's all making me a nervous wreck thinking I might just tank a very expensive phone.

It's now "Verifying iPhone Restore", and I have just bitten five of my nails off in the process.

Oooh, there went another nail!

Now it's "Restoring iPhone Firmware", and I'm onto the other hand of nails for this one cause I'm just expecting that the computer is gonna start smoking and the iPhone is suddenly gonna explode and fly out the office window!

Can you bite off toenails? Okay, no, not a good idea; that was a little gross I think.

Somewhere, Steve Jobs is monitoring this post and saying:

"If a dumb, blonde broad from the Redneck Riviera of Florida can jailbreak and unlock this powerhouse of a phone, then it's back to the drawing board for all of us, we're firing At&T as the main carrier (thank God!), and start hiring some of those Russian hackers to make us a system that no one can crack! Does anyone know if anyone of them speak Mac?"

I think I just may be doing millions of iPhone user's a terrible injustice now.

After a few tense moments of getting the phone to reboot, iTunes not recognizing it at first, but then rebooting and restarting iTunes, I think it worked!

"It's Alive! It's ALIVE!!"

Thank you God in heaven that I didn't screw this leg of the tour up.... yet. I still have to unlock the phone.

"Is this all worth it?", you say. Well, what would you resort to if you got $555 phone bill!

Well, it seems his phone is work, but, but, where are all those apps he bought, and his photos, his email contacts, and his phone contacts?

Uh oooooh...........

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Gondooo said...

Good luck with it! Was there not a way to save his apps, say on the computer or something? OK, I'm a little (well wayyyy) lost when it comes to these things but I think I just would have paid for the software to do it with. If you run out of always have the kids fingers to start on! LOL