Monday, June 08, 2009

Thank God For Little Girls

Well today worked out much better than yesterday.  Instead of a girl's night out, we had a girl's day in.  Julian opted to trek with his dad out of town for the day for work, and we girls were left behind to fend for ourselves.

HA - HA!  Fend for ourselves - that's so 1950's!

We decided to work ourselves - on each other that is.  It was makeovers for everybody!  So I took them down to CVS pharmacy to buy some goodies and supplies:  eye shadow, blush, chocolate, hair accessories, nail polish, more chocolate, bikini wax (for ME of course), facial cucumber mask, and more chocolate.  Then it was off to SubWay to pick up lunch to go.  Boy were we prepared.

Oh, I know what you're thinking at this point.  "What freaking disaster happened this time?"

None - absolutely none!  We turned on the music and started slathering cucumber peel-off mask on each other.  Nadia decided that we all needed cucumbers on our eyes as well, and for some reason, this made Toni's eyes start to burn.  Luckily she recovered rather quickly on we were soon on our way to making ourselves the hottest looking things...  in our house.  Thank goodness no one from the outside world could see or we would be stars in the next Clive Barker horror flick!

Next we were mixing various shades of green and pink to our eyelids.  Toni look gorgeous in these colors even though I'll never let her step foot out of the house until she's 16 with that stuff on.  But boy did it make her rich chocolate (there's that word again) eyes stand out!  Nia was decked out in the pinkest eyelids one has ever seen.  We won't even discuss what I was looking like at the moment.  Something cross between one you'd find in a whorehouse and a drunken teenager at a frat party.  

Who cared - we were having girlie time - and chocolate.

Soon we were stinking up the kitchen with four different shades of pink, coral, and red, and light red nail polish.  Nia kept jiggling around so Nadia managed to get more on Nia's skin than nails.  Luckily, we had an ample supply of polish remover, which we emptied the entire bottle over mishaps and spilt polish.

Who cared - we were having quality bonding time - and chocolate.

Soon we were plugging in the curling and flat irons and doing our doo's that would rival any salon.  Weeeeeell.... almost.  We needed a bit more training before that could happen.  But at least we didn't have to tip one another!  Nia's hair was full of the strangest  ringlets seen since this side of the French Renaissance Period.  Toni opted for larger curls which suited her better, and Nadia and I went straight; flat-chested straight (which my own chest has been sporting rather obvious nowadays).  Our hair was odd yet different.

Who cared - one couldn't count the many giggles going on in that room today - or chocolate.

By the way, I never did get to that bikini wax.  Not that I ran out of time - I just realized that I need my hair to grow FOR A WEEK before I can rip that shit off with enviromentally safe honey-laden cement!  Well, then Nadia decided is was tea time.  She dressed Toni and Nia in their finest play dresses, set the table, made them salads and crackers (and chocolate), and a spot of tea.  Then she set their beautified butts in front of the TV for a quiet showing of Shrek II.  Laughter of hysterics and flying makeup was soon quietened by the munchings of snacks and a semi chick flick. 

I managed to get in a little work during this time, like six loads of laundry, inputing my husbands clients in the computer, prepping dinner, vacuuming, and watering the garden.  It all paled in comparison to the hours I had just spent with my daughters.  It was all routine and mundane and just plain boring compared with the peeling of cucumber masks and over done pink eye shadow, and the endless sounds of laughter.

I had no time to take pictures as my hands were always full of little girls, makeup, and wrappers from opened chocolate squares.  It was all a small and simple little gesture for my girls, but in my heart and mind, it was larger than life and this memory too, shall last a lifetime as well.

Thank God for little girls!


melissa said...

how fun!! my girls and i do that too! really, you nailed it when you said that god for little girls!!

Rebecca Jones said...

How sweet!
Glad to hear there weren't any disasters!
I'm not a very "girly" girl but I do love that kind of stuff with my girl.
Especially the nail polishing. I'm currently sporting bright blue & violet nails.

Gondooo said...

and I got stuck with a house full of boys............Awwwwwwwe, WHY COULDN'T I HAVE A GIRL!