Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Son's Perseverance Finally Pays Off

Today is the day of my son's first official catch.  There wouldn't be such hoopla over the event unless you knew his history.  Julian has been faithful and diligent for a year now in his fishing endeavors.  He would go out several days a week - even in the rain - in order to score a decent catch.  All he's brought home are little 3-4 inch "bait" fish.  Which he uses to go out and hopefully dangle in front of the BIG one and bring him home.

Today he did just that.  He was with his friend Reese and his friend's grandfather.  As soon as he reeled that sucker in, he called his mom to tell her the good news.  I was in the middle of my Wii Activ exercise, but gladly stopped everything to actually cry for all his efforts finally paid off.  You could hear the pride in his voice over the phone line.

Tonight we will be enjoying his first 22" Speckled Trout, for dinner.

This means that I will have to buy my first filet knife.  Maybe our Iron Chef neighbor (no, I'm serious - he's a REAL chef) next door can give me a few pointers in this department.  Can he also teach me how to filet this sucker!

You can tell my son is so happy - he glows!


Tara R. said...

Wow! Those are some good looking fish. You all are going to eat well tonight.

Gondooo said...

WOOOOOOO HOOOOOO! Way to go wee man! You'll have to bring him over here for the salmon season, I'd love to see him catch one of these big suckers! He looks very proud, thats a fine picture to keep.