Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tales From The Trenches of Parenting First Giveaway Contest- But first you gotta make us laugh!

So I decided to breakdown and join the ranks of having a blog giveaways contest I wasn't quite sure this was a path that I wanted to go down just yet, but at the urging of my daughters, I finally gave in to the concept.

So the questions was: "What do we give away?"

Oh, there was a flurry of ideas from puppies to homemade children paintings. I'm thinking that PETA would be sitting on my doorstep with about a hundred protesters if the former was initiated, and that would not be too good for the neighbors (I think they're mad at me right now anyway). I'm way too attached to all my children's artwork, so that was a no-go. So, it was back to the drawing board (bad pun, I know).

My three year old wanted to "giveaway" some of her older clothes she had outgrown. She understands the value of Gymboree in EU condition like her mother does. It took me awhile to talk her out of that, and instead, donate them to someone who could really use them.

See, I'm teaching them something in this whole giveaway process as well.

"Good Mommy!"

Then the seven year old decided that WebKinz would be a good idea. I don't know about other mothers, but I am getting pretty damn burnout on hiking my butt to the mall to buy Webkinz for the girls and their various birthday parties they get invited to. Does every child in America own one of these "Beanie Baby" wannabe's?

Nix that idea!

Then my 11 year old hit it on the head! "Why don't we giveaway what we like to collect?", she suggests.

"What, I say - dirt?", I reply with a hint of sarcasm sprinkled with reality, in my tone.

With classic rolled eyeballs that she has perfected into an art worthy of an Oscar, she replies with that same sense of sarcasm:

"Nooooo Moooom. I'm talking about the Barbie Collectibles. Why don't we get one of those and give it away on your blog?"

Now that made my semi-overgrown eyebrows perk up! That was a decent idea. Again, I had to sit on it for awhile before the whole "giveaway" thing felt okay to do. I was feeling like I was bribing people to read because of the giveaway. I know that's what I'm doing, but accepting it takes some time to do.

As a dear friend said to me recently: "Snap out of it and check your ego at the door - just go with it!" It was wise advice that was, once again, ringing through my brain in my moment of unfounded uncertainty.

So, here we go - Tales From the Trenches of Parenting 1st Giveaway Contest.

What's the prize?

It is the latest Pink Label "Hello Kitty" Collectible Barbie; brand new in her unopened box. I chose it because the seven year old was a bit in the dumps over my passing up on her furry friends idea. And since she loves Hello Kitty so much, this was a compromise she could accept. She just had a hard time wanting to keep the doll for herself!

How to get her:

First: Subscribe to my RSS feed, or follow me; or grab my badge to the right and put it on your blog :)

Leave a comment telling me how you think I'm a goddess - Juuuust kidding!

No Really, just leave a comment in the form of a simple, humorous, but reasonably clean joke. Joke's will be read by four very excited children to see which joke they like best. Make them good, you have tough judges to please!

Third: Live in one of the 50 states of the U.S.A.

Do these things, and you will have a chance to win the Hello Kitty Barbie Collectible Doll.

Contest ends May 6, 2009 at 11:00 p.m.

Winner will be announced shortly thereafter. Or however long it takes me to get the kids off the floor from laughing so hard and so long, and tell me who they liked the best.

The winner's name, blogsite, AND joke will be posted in a blog. And whomever that is, I would really love if you would be able to write a short blog on my blog on how or why you came up with the joke you did.

I want to spread the laughter around!

It's just THAT simple folks.

Oh - And be sure to tell ALL your friends, and your Twitter buddies, and your Plurk friends, and........ you get the idea.

Sincerely looking forward to laughing my butt off through this contest.

UPDATE: Wanted to let people know that Melissa from has officially won the contest. Thanks to those who participated - I don't know if I'll do this again, LOL!


melissa said...

a joke? seriously??? ok...i'm going to have to sleep on it. or eat dinner first. i'll get backatchya!!!

Drachma Girl said...

I'm going to think of a good one for your kids!!! :) and tell them I just adore Hello Kitty!

christine said...

christine h from twitter mums
i love your competition - unless you extend to australia i can't enter! :(((( but i hope you have a wonderful time with it all.
kids - are you going to make a book of all the jokes???
thankyou for sharing

Jillian Livingston said...

Why did the lizard cross the road? Eguana go to the other side. Made it up w/ the boys.

Ahhh, we'll forsake the barbie & give it to some other fortunate soul.

melissa said...

i still can't think of a joke.
but i wanted to say hi. how about a knock knock joke?
knock knock.
who's there?
cantaloupe who.
cantaloupe with you tonight. my dad has the car.
sorry. it's all i have right now.

Anonymous said...

Ok girls I'll give it the old college try.

What did the ocean say to the kids walkin' down the beach?

Nothing, it just waved!

Diamond Emory

Mocha Dad said...

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Cow goes.
Cow goes who?
No, silly. Cow goes moo.

Ronda Hayes said...

Hi cousin Caroline this is Dusty I think I got a few crazy things.

Crazy Stairs

What did Nebraska say to Alaska?What was I gonna aska.

Gas is cheap when it comes from Uranus.

I'm crazy for gaga puffs

Daniel Buttkiss

please respond on my blog down dust's road thx