Friday, April 17, 2009

From Paradise With Love

I awoke to paradise this morning. No, I did not win the lottery yesterday and sneak down to Aruba overnight, which in itself is paradise, but just a different kind. Nope, never left my house, but still the same, it was paradise.

My alarm was blaring at 6:45 to tell my old tired butt to climb out of bed and get my even more tired kids ready for another day in the public school system. But this morning, I awoke to something completely different. I was greeted with.....


I stumbled into the hallway smelling the sweet aroma of just made coffee. I took a look back and saw that my husband was still sound asleep, and snoring in the ear of our three year old who looked as peaceful as a new flower in the morning dew sleeping beside her dad.

I ventured further toward the kitchen, forgetting about awakening the crew, only to find my 11 year old twins busily running back and forth in the kitchen. The varied smells began to enter my eager nostrils as I looked closer and could see them flipping, frying, and scrambling away. There before me also laid a complete set table for six. It was complete with salt, pepper, pure maple syrup, and homemade blackberry syrup (I taught them well didn't I!).

The two of them had conspired to get up before the rest and make breakfast this morning. Was it my birthday? Was this some kind of holiday that I had forgotten about through all my daily busy work? No..... it was just a plain and simple Friday morning that the twins had turned into paradise.

I was speechless and in awe at their art of graceful dancing from one counter top to the stove, to the refrigerator, and back. They finally noticed me standing there with my mouth sitting on the floor and chirped a fine "Morning Mom - we made breakfast!", Julian said, giving me a quick glance as he poured the eggs into the frying pan and Nadia carefully placed blueberry pancakes upon a platter.

All I could manage was a stupid "Wow!". You think after seeing all of this upon my arising that I could have mustered something a bit more stupendous than "wow". I guess I was impressed beyond what words could actually describe at this moment.

I ran to wake Toni as I could see that their culinary stupefaction would soon be set upon the table for all to feast upon. But before I could go, Julian decided to inform me of his art of making scrambled eggs:

"Mom, you must add at least one tablespoon of butter to the pan prior to scrambling eggs. It makes them taste much better, plus it helps keep them from sticking complete to the pan. Plus, you never turn the heat too high because it is about time... not temperature.", he says in his matter-of-fact way.

Who the hell did I wake up to this morning?
Am I dreaming?
Is Food Network filming me with a hidden camera for some reality show?

So I say another stupid thing: "Have you been listening to Martha Stewart?", as I bend over smelling the sweet aroma of fresh made sausage and eggs.

Then he says it. I can't believe he freaking says it: "No mom, I just listened and watched you."

The tears well up in my eyes as I lean over to kiss them both upon their foreheads and for a brief moment I remember how little they once were, but how they have grown.

Then Nadia looks up at me and starts to guide me to the table while saying, "You sit down, we'll get Toni and dad up."

I'm in paradise, I know it. Because it has all happened and I remember every bit of it before even one drop of coffee has touched my lips.

And with that being said, Julian suddenly whips a cup of coffee before me as I sit.

God bless these children - and God bless me for having them!


Mocha Dad said...

What a pleasant surprise.

Jillian Livingston said...

That almost brought me to tears and I haven't even had my coffee yet. It is these magical moments that make me want to hold on to our children forever.

Jillian Livingston said...

That almost brought me to tears and I haven't even had my coffee yet. It is these magical moments that make me want to hold on to our children forever.