Thursday, March 19, 2009


By the title, you already know that the Fancy Nancy books are Nia's favorites to read these days. She is learning quite a vocabulary of big words, plus some French as well. Add that to the Dora the Explorer and Ni Nai, Kai-lan, Nick shows, and pretty much have no clue as to what she'll spurt out next. We're lucky we understand her various forms of communication between all the different languages she's learning.

Even though her language is sprinkled with culture, I was especially proud of her the other day when she was looking over a birthday invitation that her sister got not too long ago. Her and my husband were reading over it and it suddenly HE forgot what R.S.V.P., meant.

Nia pointed at the letters then blurted out, "that means respondaaa SEE VU PLAY!"

Daddy was both shocked and impressed (and feeling a little stupid). I beamed with motherly pride, and I looked at him like he was.... well, that doesn't matter here.

But this morning, thinks got a little weird. Nia is on the loo in the bathroom doing "her business". I'm standing in the doorway waiting for her to finish so I can help her get dressed when she announces in a matter-of-fact way:

"Mom, POOOOPING is a fancy word for taking a BIG CRAP!"

Mouth drops, eyeballs roll. I. Am. Speechless..... again.

I'm thinking now is a good time to torture and punish my husband for his colorful vocabulary around the kids. At least she didn't say the "S" word. I guess maybe Fancy Nancy has also taught her the art of recognizing "boundaries" with mom.

Smart girl! Read On!

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Rebecca Anne said...

I love out of the mouth of babes moments like that one! Although my daughters are now teens, it's those things that we still bring up and laugh the most about.