Thursday, January 20, 2011

In Case Anyone Was Wondering......

My kids haven't officially tied me up in a closet and left me there and made off with all my stash of chocolate ....

I'm just taking some much needed time off for myself and my family right now.

I do this from time to time and for some reason, people think I have died or something. I was hoping they would think I ran off to Paris with some....... massive quantities of chocolate!

Actually, that's NOT a bad idea.

Right now I'm in my *creative* mode. I've been sewing and playing Martha Stewart (yeah... right!), as I'm "redesigning" my living room, selling unwanted/un-needed furniture and wares, clearing crap out to make room for the new crap I'm gonna replace it with.

It's the American way these days! Hoarding. Is. Good!

I'll be back soon enough with pictures to prove how I destroyed my house in several easy steps.

Till then..... Drink Plenty of Pinot Nior, eats fab amounts of dark chocolate, and love yourselves dearly!


Gondooo said...

Speaking of Paris....I'm stuck in this shit airport 'Charles de Gaulle' after getting off the worse airline I have yet to travel on...'AirFrance'. I implore you, do not, I repeat DO NOT ever take AirFrance, EVER!!!! They have packed so many seats on this airline that even my very very extremelyskinny hubby even had a problem fitting in the seats! There are only a few overhead tv sets which only plsy one french! And it was dirty! Cannot wait to get my newly burntout kitchen...another one I will have to explain!

The Trenches of Parenting said...

I hear that airport smells!
Ooooh..... French porno on a plane!

Next time you take a short holiday..... DON'T leave the kid "home alone"!

BTW, do I need to send you a Valium?

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