Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blogging Impeded by "Sleepwalking"

I won't be writing much this week because of an injury to my right wrist (my writing hand, of course!), that makes typing nearly impossible with my index finger on my left hand. I have no idea what I did to the thing except that I must have adopted Nadia's ability to sleepwalk and thought I was Mary Lou Retton in my dreams (literally), and I did some kind of weird gymnastics in my sleep that left me in near unbearable pain when a woke up a couple of mornings ago. I'm kidding, of course, but at this point it sure feels like it.

If it weren't for my best friend right now, a large bottle of Percogesic, we would be discussing another fun trip to the ER! To be honest, Percogesic is a seriously underrated pain killer. That stuff will knock out any pain during that time of the month, a impending migraine on the horizon, and of course, my level 15 1/2 wrist pain. It makes you feel fuzzy too, so no driving or correcting your children's behavior while under the influence!

Unfortunately, that means my Ford Flex series will also have to be postponed until next Friday since the pain thresh hold only allows me about five minutes of typing whereas, I need about 2 hours worth!

My apologies to Ford .

But I'm really excited that Mr. Farley took the time to read my series on the Ford Flex. He had me so excited that I was screaming like I had just personally met...... JOHNNY DEPP!!! At least I know he's listening.


My index finger is about to give out at this point and I'll need another Percogesic to stop the pain in that thing in a minute or two.

But the weather is great now and the kids found that the outdoors is still a great place to play in other than the computers and the Xbox. Nia spent two hours outside yesterday "cooking". I hid my spices this time! She did manage to destroy several stalks of rosemary, and that Italian parsley that survived the several freezes is down to half its size now.

Even though she added a half bottle of blowing bubbles to the mix, it smelled divine! Watch out Rachel Ray!

I actually banned all use of electronics on Sunday now. You should have seen all the eyeballs that popped out and rolled on the floor when I announced that last Sunday. You thought I had just told them all that an impending nuclear attack was about to happen. I told them had a total of 10 minutes in the morning to get their electronic "business" done, and that was IT.

As it turned out, a day of bocci ball, spending time at our neighbors pool, cooking together, and actually acting like a family wasn't so bad after all. It went so well, that I allowed everyone an extra 10 minutes on their gadget of choice before they went to bed.

I did have to a little lenient. It was my rule after all.

Well the index finger is now killing me and the wrist is calling for more medication. Tonight, it will filled with acupuncture needles, followed by a massage. Let's hope this thing is better cause this is really getting old.

I got stuff to say!

Peace to all, and as always........


Gondooo said...

Goodness girl! You'd think hurting your wrist that badly would have waken you! Yes, I believe you ARE leading a secret life at night!

Tara R. said...

I feel your pain! Hope your arm and index finger are back to normal very soon.

ABIGAIL said...
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Anonymous said...

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