Tuesday, November 24, 2009

When Having a Slumber Party...... DON'T Invite the Cat!

Last night the girls and I decided to have a little impromptu slumber party in Toni's and Nia's bedroom. This consisted of dragging down 3 mattresses, blankets, pillows, and then arguing for a half hour over who was sleeping with mommy.

My girls love me so! :)

After spending what felt like 2 long hours of getting all the girls and myself settled in, after feeding my addiction to Facebook, and 3 sets of teethbrushing, and making sure everyone went to the bathroom after consuming a cup of water (what's the point?), and changing pajama attire a few times....

YES, this was getting VERY complicated!

We were all finally in bed and snuggled together under the beam of a softly lit flashlight.

I got the girls entertained in what turned out to be a quick game of shadow hand puppets before it turned into a bedtime form of American Idol in the darkness of the bedroom.

Of course, Nia had to be first and she serenaded us with a 4-part series of songs that actually looked as if it was an act out of a Shakespearian play. The girls is definitely not shy under the glares of a spotlight/flashlight shining in her eyes. She belted out those songs so loud that I thought she would awaken her brother who was asleep at his friends house 5 blocks down the road!

"I am holding my heart right now and it's gonna help me cook...

and God is gonna give me some onions....

and I'm gonna make dinner for the cat....

and I love you cause I'm gonna get a RockStar Makeover for Christmas....

and CAA-CAA, CAA-CAA....."

I have NO clue what the CAA-CAA was all about!

I am convinced she is going to be an actress, or some form of "unique" entertainer in her adult life.

Toni got up next and her style is a cross between Hannah Montana and a crazy woman! She's even louder; she woke up both her brother and a few people in Pensacola in the process.

She sang about living in Texas which has me a bit confused as well since she has never even been to Texas. But she is convinced she is a cowgirl with a horse, and raising cows for a living and selling wheat berries to make a living in her song. I think she has been watching me play Farmville on Facebook too much lately.

It takes Toni a few minutes to warm up to being the main attraction, but once she does, she actually finds her flow and that beautiful singing voice she was born with. In the end, she quits sounding like the dead cow she started out as and blossoms into an angel with a voice from heaven.

I don't think it helps that she is constantly critiqued by her older sister who can become very critical of Toni's efforts to be a creative spirit. Talk about being under a microscope!

Speaking of Nadia; she did nothing but direct the whole project and manage the flashlight. I, of course, was the over-exuberant audience to both my daughters budding talents. Just as a mom should be.

Sandman finally started visiting as the girls one by one, rubbed their eyes and fell asleep. Finally I could find my place, and my pillow, amongst the strewn tired bodies of little girls and find a sleep fairy of mine own.

About 4:30 in the morning I was abruptly awaken by Remi, our cat, meowing to go outside. I, obviously, ignored him because it was 4:30 in the morning and I was exhausted from all the nights entertainment festivities by the girls. Next thing I knew, that damn cat was scratching on my legs. I sat straight up stop him and what do you think I did?!

My hand landed in a big pile of cat poop!

That freaking cat had found MY sleeping spot and PURPOSELY crapped between MY legs on MY blanket just to get his point across that HE WANTED TO GO OUT NOW!

There I sat with Remi at my feet, cat poop in my hands, and me about to barf all over the girls in the process cause the smell of kitty ca-ca was quickly engulfing all those brain cells directly connected to my nose and my stomach.

I stumbled to my feet and managed to run to the bathroom without stepping on 3 sets of sleeping feet in the process. Remi of course just had to run after me and watch how I was gonna handle this disgusting early morning affair.

After depositing/slinging the cat crap into the toilet, I was feeling a little like Lucy in the Peanuts cartoons after being kissed by Snoopy:

"Where's the soap, where's the disinfectant!"

After scrubbing with extremely hot water (which further woke up the rest of the brain cells), and gobs of soap, I had the unfortunate duty of cleaning up the rest of mess left behind.

As I entered the bedroom again, the stench of cat poop permeated everything and once again I was feeling the need to heave in the direction of Nadia's curled up body. Remi was till behind me observing my every move I made in hopes that I would get the hint to let him out when he said so!

Carefully lifting the comforter and carrying it into the kitchen, I soon found myself doing laundry at 4:40 in the morning which I don't think I've done since one of the twins decided it was a good idea to barf everything they ate for the week in one single night. I had forgotten how much fun it was.

But on my way to the kitchen, there sat the stupid cat at the back door giving me that look as to say, "Well, are you gonna let me out now?"

I did and I made sure thank him for not using the cat box when it would have been a most appropriate time to do so instead of trying to make some stupid feline point about who really runs this house!

With the comforter loudly washing it's way back to cleanliness, I scarfed up the blanket on Julian's bed and wandered back into a still mildly smelly room with a bottle of Febreze in hand. After a few quick sprays, I finally settled back down between Nadia and Nia and stared out the window at the passing morning clouds and trees waving in the breeze until I finally drifted back off to sleep.

Of course when I awoke this morning and told the girls of the kitty "mishap", they were dying of hysterics that mom was woken up by a handful of kitty poop! You know it's gonna be that story that hits the school news come Monday morning when they go back.

I finally saw Remi this morning as he jumped over the fence after his morning stroll around our neighborhood. He walked right up to me with purrs and rubs and several meows as if to say: "I love you, but just don't ever ignore me in the middle of the night again, or next time..... it could be your head woman!"


Tara R. said...

Cats are sooo passive-aggressive.

Sexy in the Stars said...

cats are very clean animals...and are so lovely


I love my cats, but boy are they tempermental when they don't get their way. Just like us girls, LOL!

Naomi de la Torre said...

That whole story had me rolling. My favorite were the lyrics to your daughters song. The cat barf was a close second. You are an awesome writer!