Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nia and Boredom - Always an Interesting Mix

It's been a relatively quiet day around here. Nia had the day off from school which usually means......... she's gonna get into something. Well, that something just turned out to be me.

I tried talking to my mom for a few minutes (hours), on the phone this afternoon, but Nia thought it best to run out of the house and attempt to lock herself in our bagel barge sitting in the driveway. It was by shear luck that I caught her before the door slammed on my fingers, but at least I saved myself from calling 911 because the hubs has the keys to said bagel barge and he went out of town this morning.

I finally decided (was forced) to hang up with my mom and hang out with Nia before the rest of my tribe started arriving home from school. When Nia gets bored, things get a little interesting around here.

Translation: the child is into everything!

She won't play outside right now because it's quiet windy, and every since the hubs mentioned something about Chinese Medicine saying that the wind is a carrier of a thousand diseases, the whole "Play outside cause I said so!", discussion is completely a mute point around here. The kids all think they're gonna get Eboli or something when it's windy!

By the time I got Nia in the house from the whole car episode, she was quite furious with me. The child was actually trying to bite me through my Uggs.

Can you say regression?

Once she snapped out of the quick but intense tantrum, it was on a heightened state of creativity.

Talk about bouncing from one extreme to the other!

But her medium of choice just happened to be me and a tape dispenser. Is there a reason for this? I don't think so other than the fact that... she CAN. So there I sat as she carefully pulled each piece off the dispenser, cut it with her little scissors cause she has yet to figure out how to tear it off without pulling the entire piece of tape OUT of the dispenser. She attaches each piece about my head, neck and arms in a most delicately manner cause instinctively she knows how much I'm gonna bloody scream when it comes that time to rip it of my pre-geriatric skin!

I should be so thankful!

I think I may have mention to a few of you before about the God-awful haircut I received a couple of weeks ago. It seems that whenever I try to do short, the "stylist" translates that into "Do the crappiest job you can do on my hair!" Again I am left with a haircut that makes me walk in public with a paper bag on my head.

Somehow, Nia thinks I need more off than I had shaved off in the first place. I think she is standing behind me ready to cut another piece of tape off that dispenser when suddenly I start hearing a strange, yet familiar kind of snipping noise.

Brain cells in my head start lighting up like fireworks when I realize the midget is CUTTING MY HAIR!! Between my hair falling out lately due to an un-Godly amount of stress in my life (long story - will discuss at a future date after my next doctor's appointment), this shitty haircut, AND Nia takes a few more inches off here and there - I am due to be bald about Christmas time.

Anyone have a wig shop they can recommend to me at this point in time so that I can add something long and fashionable to my very short Santa list? I better start coloring that paper bag red and green and adding a few dangly decorations on it for the upcoming season - looks like I'm gonna need it.

So when Nia gets bored around here, it's a parenting challenge sometimes. She's still taping her world up, but luckily without me since she cringed at the screams I let out as she ripped the tape from every place from my chest up. Yes, she took a few more hairs with her as a result, but at least I don't have to use an apricot scrub on my face tonight as she already removed a bunch of those pesky dead skin cells from my outer epidermic layer.

God help the cat if she goes after him!


Tara R. said...

Yep, you really need a girls' day out. We'll make plans.

Amanda said...

I just LOVE the idea of tape in place of apricot scrub. Will give it a go..

I still have 2 crazy little girls at home and this sounds very familiar.