Tuesday, August 04, 2009

A Day At The Fort - As Brought To You By The Hubs

Since getting the husband his new camera for Father's Day, I finally managed to get him to actually use it. We took the kids to take a tour through Ft. Pickens on the far west peninsula of Pensacola Beach this past weekend. It's my favorite place of late to go since it's so isolated from all the tourist.

We decided on just the sight-seeing tour only after we were chased from the water of our favorite spot by large man-eating (just kidding - well... Nadia thinks so) jellyfish. Just as we plunked all our junk on the beach, I proceeded to count at least 8, 1 foot diameter jellyfish staring up at me while waving their tentacles at me in the process.

"Come on in - the water is FINE!", they seemed to be taunting.

Back to Plan B before meltdowns and tears ensue from the younger two girls at having their beach adventure rudely interrupted by a pack of renegade jellyfish!

Nia actually responds to my "You are on Mother Nature's territory and we have to respect it!" comment by loudly emitting a raspberry in my direction.

Suddenly it's a flurry of parents quickly diverting four gravely disappointed children attention toward Ft. Pickens. Suddenly, the mere thought of skipping through hidden tunnels suddenly make the whole idea of swimming at the beach a totally lame idea that mom and dad tried to force on the kids.

Another example of how there is absolutely NO winning
when it comes to parenting children.

Back to the hubs......

So these are some of the shots of his that I wanted to share since it is his first time diving into the photographic waters in a very long, long time. I must show massive support for the hubs if I am going to get him anywhere close to taking his digital photo career seriously after hearing him discuss it (whine), for close to five years now about it.

So in light of supporting my husband in his newfound hobby, I am sharing some of his better shots because I have no stinking idea how the other half of his photos came out all blurry when auto focus was in use!

This is what learning to use a new digital camera while chasing four kids around a national park will do to you.

Sweet Dreams Honey!

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Tara R. said...

Nicely done! Ft. Pickens is one of my all time fav places too.

Hope to see you back at The ZOO on the 15th.