Friday, July 10, 2009

God Forbid Our Cellphones be "Smelly"

I'm not sure if I am promoting this or not, but I came across it on twitter and thought it might need some notable attention. The product is called "Celly Smellys".

"What the........!", you are saying to yourself right now.

Actually, when I saw I just had to laugh my ass off. It kinda of reminds of the butt warmers we moms were convinced we had to have along with the other gadgets that were thrown in the back of the closet. If not, we were bad parents for not having a warm baby wipe for our babies at 3am in the morning.

But this may be a bit different. Now, not only are our cell phones clean, but they smell of that Jamaican vacation we still can't seem to take the time off for because we are always doing business on our stinking (HA HA), cell phones. At least your phone won't smell like that last bag of wind you blew because it was in your back pocket. Instead, you can get a whif of watermelon as you talk shit on the phone.

Sit tight ladies - they smell just as good as your body lotion AND they disinfect too!

So I leave you the link and the decision for yourself if you think the $29.99 price tag is worth it. Frankly, I think they might be a bit pricey for the amount you get, but it's a good idea. Especially if "someone" starts selling them in those cylinders that hold the 999 disinfectants I go through in a week for $5.99.

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