Monday, July 27, 2009

Family Photos From The Past... Dang! I've Changed!

I had to update this since my brother is hellbent on reliving the past through some of my funkier pictures. My brother recently sent this to me and I thought I'd give all of you a little peek at me as a baby AND as an 80's chick. I think I was about 2 when this photo was taken back when we lived in the community of Bent Creek, and I had just been released on my own when the others were taken in Phoenix in the early 80's.

Boy did it bring back memories.

So much so that I can hear "Babs" Streisand herself blaring in the back of my head right now.

There is Mike, the oldest, then Bobby (he makes us call him BOB now), and me.

See, we did live in the burbs before they were referred to as The Burbs.

Someone must be making me watch Dr. Who.

What a goofy damn face I had on this one!
And WHAT possessed me to cut my hair like this!

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Tara R. said...

I had a chance to meet up with my high school BFFs over Christmas. We got out all our old yearbooks and laughed ourselves silly over our pictures.

Love the mullet!