Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Well So Much For NOT Getting Political

I didn't originally tend to use my blog as a forum for political issues, but one has taken place that I just can't freaking ignore these days:

The protests in Iran

I have been following these events over the past few days on the major networks, and now via Twitter.  I am simply amazed!  I am moved to tears at times.  I am cheering from my TV and computer at the same time.

As I watch, I am reflecting back quite often to when the Presidential campaign was in full swing.  Some of you may remember John McCain with his camp singing their "Bomb, bomb, bomb...... Bomb, bomb Iran..." mantra to the tune of "Barbaranne" by the Beach Boys.

I can't help but think that these hundred's of thousands of people protesting that their votes be heard are a great part of the Iranian collective that he encouraged the bombing of during his campaign just a short time ago.

I wonder what he thinks about it now, Hmmmm........

I, for one, had hopes that Iran would turn itself around.  Before seeing these protests, I was too quick to judge a country based on it's current "leader", Ahmadinegad.  Please DO NOT ask me to pronounce his name as I am going into that age where one tends to drool on oneself when pronouncing large words or long, rambling sentences.  Saying his name may initiate a flood of spit from my mouth that could short out my iMac.

So well just call him President "Shithead" instead.  That's easy enough to say and UNDERSTAND.

What I have observed over the past few days has led ME to believe that what WE were lead to believe about the people in Iran before this, are not the people we have been actually seeing or hearing from.  These are not the people that are secretly making nukes behind closed doors.  I see way too may peace signs in those crowds.  

It seems that all we've been seeing are overloaded press op's by President Shithead for the past few years.  The speech he made at Columbia University back in 2007 is so laughable it's hard to believe anyone took him seriously.  Schizophrenia comes to mind here when thinking back to that delusional time in history.

It is very clear to see now that he does NOT speak for the country of Iran.

See, President Shithead is just a short guy compensating for his size.  I bet the sucker has to stand on two vegetable crates just to get that squirrely little Mickey Mouse head of his to reach the edge mike.  He's the kinda short guy that uses ego and attitude to make up for the size he lacks (you can take that ANY WAY you want to here).

I bet his biggest issue is that he was never breastfed either.  He was probably given some of that Chinese made formula that was recalled long after it did some serious desert storm action of it's won on his brain.

Also, WHAT is with that haircut of his?  Didn't we last see that hair style on Al Bundy in the 80's show "Married With Children"?  

And what is up with that facial hair?  Has anyone heard of Nair in his administration?  Hey, I would just love to give him the same wax treatment on his face that I recently gave myself here. Now that would be a demonstration of "shock and awe".

He does seem to be a hairy little midget, doesn't he?

This is why President Shithead wants to keep his current position in Iran.  Where else is the little hairy tirade gonna get a job?  Would you want a recount if it meant the possibility of you getting your legs surgically stretched in order for people to see you over the height of, let's say..... a bush! 

Oops!  That was a subconscious slip if I've ever had one!

But that's not really my point.  I'm proud of this sect of Iranians who have chosen to stand up and fight for their votes and to have voices  be heard in lieu of being imprisoned or assassinated - or both - by the current government regime.  

When was the last time we ever did that in this country?

The Revolutionary War comes to mind.  Or maybe the Vietnam protests of the sixties.  Oh geez, my dad is gonna kill me for that comparison.

Okay, okay.... I'm getting WAY too political here.

The fact that the Iranian military is loading the dead bodies from the protests in trucks and carting them off without even informing the next of kin, is just a testament to what is going on over there.   This is according to a blog by an eye witnessed account from a medical student there (thank you to for this).

The fact that there is 13 year old child, who was killed during gunfire and carted off in a military truck, whose family will NEVER know what happened to him or where he is.  His mother and his father will never get the chance to see, or mourn their now dead son.

The fact that a hospital, after protesting themselves because of the unjust treatments of both the living and dead being brought in, was shut down by the military and the entire staff was imprisoned inside.

The fact that the current Iranian regime is methodically gathering names from twitter accounts tweeting out of Iran and hunting them down for arrest, as they continue twittering regardless, shows us the passion of a nation whom we have not set eyes on since all this mess between our governments started.  

Where have these people been, and why is it only now that their voices are being heard?

Why are we just now seeing the true faces of Iran?

It is inspirational to see the whole world rally around a country that most of us here in America were beginning to feel as if they were returning to the barbaric days of the early 80's when the hostage situation happened.

I'm sure a few of you still remember how crappy that was.

Would it get so bad that the government under President Shithead's watch would start taking hostages themselves, or worse yet, threaten to nuke the crap out of several choice countries; ours and Israel being at the top of their lists?  I think we have heard a resounding NO from hundreds of thousands of thirsty, worn out, yet passionate patriots of Iran who prefer a more peaceful and humane resolution to differences between cultures.

I say, GOOD FOR THEM.  Let's support them in their efforts.  This is one time our government didn't shove the  ideology of democracy down their throats.  It seems that they have hungered so long for it that they are begging, screaming, protesting, and rioting in the streets for it.  It was not forced upon them; it was by their choice that they decided they wanted it.  That is what a part of being free is about.

Let their voices ring through Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, My Space, and anywhere else they can yell it from.  Let us hear them and support them regardless of the outcome.


And I say:


Gondooo said...

So intent are these people that even their religious head, the ultimate supreme leader of this country who has the last say in anything, even he has retracted his support of ahmedinajad! America, watch and learn! People do have power.
p.s can you say 'ah me deen a jad' LOL

Scottish Lass said...

I am not prone to political commentary either but this situation warrants it.
My comment is a little parellel to the big issue.
If you believe in the Law of Attraction then perhaps the lack of respect we show President Ahmedinajad's name may come back to bite us. I noticed The View presenters have a nasty nick name for him too.
Don't get me wrong - I don't have respect for his ways but giving all that negative energy to him may be fueling the fire. I read about an alternative approach -when you see him on TV or read about his antics wish for him to see sense and stop his corrupt ways. Might be a little bit tree hugging hippie but what if the positive energy did have an effect.
Food for thought.