Monday, June 01, 2009

Remember Dads: Please Put Away Your Playthings

Dear Husband,

The next time you leave your grout removal toys out for the kids to play with, please think of the $450 leather ottoman that you worked so hard to buy last year for your little family to enjoy.  

I know we each forget to put away our little fun items we like to cherish, but in this case our daughter thought it best to "dig" in the living room as oppose to digging in the back yard just to "see" if leather was like dirt!  She did make the comment that she liked playing with the Big Boy toys that daddy has.

Oh, she's so cute isn't she!

Also, just be thankful it was the ottoman and not the leather throne you like to sit on when you spend countless hours on your computer reading your Huffington Report, and not noticing little issues like this until it's your turn to prop your big smelly feet upon our cushy little square thing in the middle of the floor.

And just remember this:  the next time this happens because you "forget" to put your play things back where they belong - you will find them conveniently located in the city dumpster right along with all the kids toys you threw out because they wouldn't put theirs away either.

Love Always,

Your Wifey


Gondooo said...

Oh how utterly cute of her! LMAO Ya gotta love em!

Tara R. said...

Ouch! I loved the letter, I may have to steal that idea for my own men folk. Sons tend to leave crap out all the time too.