Friday, June 05, 2009

My Response to my "Anonymous" Commenter

After mulling this over for the past few days, I finally decided that I needed to "share" a most thoughtful little comment someone emailed to me in reference to one of my posts:  Man vs Machine.  I'm not quite sure what was in that post that made them think that my husband didn't love me, but they had a strong urge to let me know, and I liked to thank them for the care and concern they have shown for my marriage.  

Maybe it was the way my husband and I differ in the way(s) we prefer to remove ten million plugs, wires, and bolts without the possibility of blowing up the car, garage, and three or four houses on our block.  That sure would tick our neighbors off; especially after they just replaced the liner on their family pool.

So, I've decided to share "Anonymous' " kind comments with my avid followers so they, too, can see the generosity pouring from this individual.  Then I decided to send them a response since they have shown so much consideration for my personal emotional welfare.  Here is "their" comment:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Man vs Machine": 

"You know your husband doesn't love you, don't you?

Here is my reply:

Dear Anonymous,

Sure I know he doesn't love me.  But we just stay married because I have a deep need to be his mother and constantly clean the skid marks out of his underwear, and he has a deep need to run all over the country side supporting his four kids and my lazy stay-at-home ass.  

These are just little sacrifices we do for each other.

BTW, how is YOUR love life????  Would love to hear about it.


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Tara R. said...

Not much to say about that huh?

Gondooo said...

You go girl! Anonymous surely hasn't a life of her own when she is so obsessed with others.