Thursday, April 09, 2009

A Plug For My Nephew

You won't see me doing any of these very often, but this I just can't pass the opportunity to do so.

I am plugging someone. It's personal okay; it's my nephew, Brandon. But it is not because he is my nephew that I am doing it (okay, maybe it is - so what!), it is because I truly believe in promoting personal passion and drive that has remained so consistent since the boy's budding personality emerged so soon after he was born.

Though the years and miles have separated us, he has never, ever left my heart and he has never ceased to amaze me in what he can do or create.

Okay, gotta get to the point cause I have tears coming down my face now.

If you are anywhere near Phoenix, AZ, please run to the Stray Cat Theatre to see Columbinus, and check out this controversal, but 5-star rated performance. It is the story of the Columbine shootings, which we are very near the anniversary of. It is serious theatre for serious reflection of a very painful time in our history. Brandon plays Eric Harris.

I'm very proud of my nephew.


Gondooo said...

Would I ever love to see this. But dang it, big ole Phoenix is just a wee tad to far from lil ole Montrose. :( Can't ya tape it for us? ;) BTW Checked out the pics and instantly spotted those trademark Wiley eyes, talented and good-lookin, just like his Auntie C!

Ronda Hayes said...

Can't get to Phoenix, didn't even get to Flagstaff when mom lived there. I wish him the best and who knows coming from a talented family he may become a movie star someday. Great plug.